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  1. What do you mean by realism in the context of a video game? If i saw in a videogame , wind, temperature, calories, weight..i aspect that he wanna gives to me maximum realism is possible..
  2. That is exactly how I'd love to see crafting go. There could be several useful recipes for crafting that could only be made after finding information on how to make them. Then make the rarity of finding the books/manuals based on how useful they are, and even make it where finding manuals for all possible recipes in a single play through is impossible. This way each game the player has to adapt to different skills to help in surviving. That's how I'd love to see it at least. On a different note, that bow is a pain in the ass to use, I fail with it, lol. In the middle of the storm..eating crake
  3. I hope, my post goal was to put the focus on something that will be too "dangerous" for this game. Someone agree someone not but maybe devs stay allert to introduce something OP or too specialist to be crafted. Someone say that I can ignore the work banch but if the game is balanced with it..sure i can't , so i adapt myself and as you say i hope TLD do it better than all the other.
  4. Yes "a survioval game WITHOUT crafting" was PERFECT! I was ABSOLUTLY not bored because i had to explore, risk the life in the middle of the storm to find a little house and not be behind the stove CRAFTING and singing " I will be another tomb rider with my bow" It was particular, different from all others game, now is STILL different going on a way where people like you wanna craft change dress theyr social ecc ecc It remain a solid game but please stop now the bow for me is the limit
  5. In the beginning there was a long dark... only Mistery lake.. You need every cabin, every corpse every angle of the map After a workbanch appear... and i was terrify of it.. Workbanch start working and there was some little things REALISTIC like hook for fisching , torch, medikit..a few When animal dress appeared in the workbanch..i was not so happy but .. there was not a big impact on the game.ù BUT THE BOW.. NO PLEASE NO! And if Yes..please after that STOP CRAFTING LIST! STOP or call this game "The long RUST" or "The long Forest" or worst "The long DarkenCRAFT" This game is PERFECT withou
  6. Thank you, in general remember to make games also for us; "fathers" that needs to save.. to pause.. because our children and our wife are always in the middle of ...AARG! But sometimes, someting good happened like this story. Andrea and Riccardo
  7. In my actual game i have 27 bullets now and 6 or 7 shooted so i have found 34 bullets only in mystery lake 100% and a 20% of coastal highway I'm playing in medium difficulty "the standard" never happened before i'm happy of it but..i have bullets for zombie game now! non for a survival! if i survive i will tell you at the end of the 3 maps how many total bullets founded
  8. So: we can: 1) Use some fuel of the lamp as an accelerant (this is primary for me) And maybe.. 2) harvesting the lamp obtaining scrap metal and a firestarter and why not some fuel..
  9. Thank you for your support. I was really in trouble and i lost a game for this.. i had just refill my lamp few minutees before of kerosene.. I will accept also breaking the lamp and loose it. But i can save me. Another thing..why lighting the lamp i don't loose a firematch? i think we need to choose how light it.
  10. Hope be helpful: 1) yesterday in coastal higway i had a fire outside. In the middle of cooking a wolf attack me, stop cooking combat and at the end i win. I put more wood on fire but time of fire remain 9 minutes.. have to esc and reload After some gameplay in the same point (the house near the lake with another house closed and one destroyed) i had my 4 fire camp i kill 3 wolves..always they attack me wile cooking and after entering end re exit from house they 4 firecamp remain, the dead wolves no. 2) Fliyng tree near the big house in the new map. Have a picture, not in this pc,
  11. i have my lamp full of kerosene 100% But no thank of kerosene, only the lamp Why i can't use part of this fuel as an accelerant? (maybe i can loose some kerosene as for smashing but i can start a fire!) And also why i can't use lamp oil object as an accelerant?
  12. I was playing with mi 4 years old boy on my legs (he call this game, game of wolves and he loves play with me) After some wolves combat and a surprise of Fluffy in the carteer he sayd to me: "Daddy do you know what we need? MISSILES to put into the Rifle! Only to put him into our community , so take it as a 4 years old boy request!
  13. What i mean, appens that we have a lot of food and maybe we wanna store it in a base but how much food i will store and how much i will bring with me?. If the total amount of calories is 2400 (don't remember exatly) and if i can group the food in a pachage that total is 2400 calories i know that for example with 3 group of food i can survive 3 days.. the grop can be done only using 100% quality food. What i need is..wanna leave this place for 3-4 days , how much food i have to carry with me?
  14. Yes i need IT, i ask for IT, absolutly +1!
  15. that's what I wanted to say, marking items would be great. devs can assign a limit kilo that you carry on your body like 5 kilo. Totally agree with this solution...during the game you can continue to change the markers (inside the limit of n..kilos) Afther that with some "bottom" DROP backpack, you can run away from danger and return after to take your backpack. What about it..i haven't heard about this part of the drop.. When you re-found your backpack it is like it was opinion some food disappear..maybe some wolves near it..some item degraded..ecc