The two things I want told in a single image.


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Great drawing!  Your dog brings up something that I have been thinking about a lot as I play recently.  Could it be possible, down the road, to introduce domestication into TLD? We could lure wolves with tasty bits of raw meat and cage them.  After feeding a caged wolf for a few days or a solid week, they start to become loyal.  At 50% loyal, the wolf won't attack, but may run away if released.  At 75% they won't attack or run away, but can not be commanded.  At 100% loyalty it will attack another animal that tries to attack the protagonist.  Maybe this whole process takes a week, maybe an entire month, but in the end you have a loyal companion in your journeys.

Also, depending on what animals are later released we could domesticate sort some of goat or sheep to milk and/or harvest wool?  Or perhaps a Turkey or some bird to harvest feathers and eggs?

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Domestication of wild animals takes decades(if not centuries) and multiple generations.

@WildGPS What you referring 2 is called habituation and you do not want to go there. As unless player is an expert in the field of animal behavior, hel end up with his pets feasting on him. Even best case scenario is that animals will merely tolerate him, but will still attack if feel threatened.

Feeding wolf a for a week or even a month will do jackshit. At best youl get an animal that takes a second(instead of doing it instantly) before going for the throat.


Player best bet is to find a dog that was left behind by fleeing inhabitants of this area. That one could be made friendly with feeding it and providing shelter and protection. But wolf...just lol.

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