Wolf Fight Condition Loss Tests

Timber Wolf

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(Note: Here are links to the other test - .426 and 1.14)

In response to a question about tool effectiveness based on condition, I ran a series of tests and recorded the results.  They veered off topic, so I was asked to re-post the results to make them easier to find.

The test scenario: A 100% stalker character wearing no clothes walking toward a wolf.  Measuring injuries and condition losses for 10 struggles for 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% condition knives.  Used a macro to automate 8.3 mouse clicks per second.



The next tests have my character in different states.



Then I tested the differences between each of the tools.



What do you think?

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1 hour ago, Mortan1234 said:

would this mean that we have been lied to and the hatchet is significantly better than the knife? should we be dropping the knife before a fight?

Well, 10 is not an exhaustive sample size and no, you shouldn't try to min-max the game like that. The big take away here is that the hatchet, pry bar, and knife are all relatively the same when it comes to a wolf struggle so something probably got missed or changed a few updates ago ;) 

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2 hours ago, Mpat120 said:

How about the differences between regular tools and improvised, i tend to only use my looted tools as little as possible.


Unfortunately, that is much harder to test since you'd have to either use save recoveries/editing (not really good) or spend a lot of time in game to make the forged knife/hatchet and then deliberately engage in behaviour likely to result in your quick demise ;) 

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I dont tend to run from a wolf, normaly I just walk in and start stabbin. So I tried it out last night on a old Voyager save, ended up with 6 fights, 3 with homemade knife never found the bodies, 3 with regular knife recovered the bodies.....then I stumbled into a bear and died. Realy to small a sample size to come to a conclusion as yet. I will revisit in the future.

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3 minutes ago, L² said:

Thanks for taking the time to do the analysis. Just out of curiosity, what are you using to do the mouse click macro?

It's not a stand alone macro, but one built into a program called Xpadder that I use to map keys to a controller.  Along with mapping the keys, I can set any of those keys to repeat at certain intervals. 

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