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My 5 year old daughter was watching me today when I was continuing my long lasting Stalker run and some of her questions really perplexed me:

- Daddy where are all the people? I don't know honey, there was a catastrophe and everyone froze.
- But why didn't you freeze? Well I crashed in a plane and woke up here.
- But if you crashed in a plane, shouldn't you also be dead? ... at this point I gave up and answered simply that sometimes one can survive a plane crash. Her curiousity though only got encouraged:

- Why are the wolves going after you, aren't they afraid of people? Well yes but the catastrophe made them loco and they don't behave as they should.

- Daddy where is your house? I don't have a home kiddo, I just go into the buildings of the people that vanished.
- How can you go inside, do you have key? Hmm good question, no I don't have a key, the doors are all open.
- But if the doors are all open, can't the bears and wolves enter and eat you? I was speechless about her logic.

Later she watched me taking water out of a toilet, which oddly enough she didn't find revolting at all^^. Some minutes (RL) later I needed more water, to what she simply said:
- well can't you just take out more water out of the toilet? Short of a clear answer I mumbled something about the pipes being frozen.

It's baffling to see how she could actually grasp what I am doing in a video game and ask questions about it that are point on. My 3 year old boy also stumbled in to watch but he was only interested in bears and wolves. Both bagged me to continue playing later this evening which I had to turn down because it was almost sleep time, but I sure will have a real life audience from now one on my adventures.

And for me it's a win:win, I can play TLD and the kids are entertained :D

[EDIT]: forgot to mention something: my 3 year old was disappointed because I couldn't show him a bear, so I let him watch my Hunted Pt2 YT video. When I was chasing the Old Bear towards tunnel collapse he immediatly exclaimed: hey daddy, there are bear footprints in the snow! Given how many people had troubles following the bear's trail when the challenge was introduced I found that quite remarkable ;)

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The funny thing is, they are really hooked already lol. When they returned today from kindergarden the first thing they said to me was " daddy can we go bear hunting now". I had to turn them down - under their heavy protest - because I am working right now but the evening program is settled I guess :D

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23 minutes ago, Mel Guille said:

Some thoughtful questions. We don't normally think of The Long Dark as an "educational" game, but problem-solving skills are important. Sounds like you're raising a couple of survivors. ;)

at the very least they begin to understand that you don't just live without looking to yourself and they for sure know now that one should never get out into the winter unprepared :D

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1. The doors are unlocked because it's in rural Canada.

2. The toiler water isn't revolting because it's from the tank instead of the bowl.

My son loves watching me play as well. He get's very excited when animals chase/attack me. I'm not sure how I feel about this...

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My daughter is 11 and she loves TLD.  She watches my sandbox, she has her own sandbox, and we have a joint sandbox. 
We also do the challenges together... we even had a TLD party the night we finished the Whiteout Challenge, complete with Lake Whitefish and Coho Salmon.  It is a fun way to spend time together and make decisions about what we are going to do.

I couldn't find grape soda the night of our party because it was Superbowl Sunday and all the soda was cleared out!

TLD party.jpg

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