December Story Mode Progress Update

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Dear Community, It’s time to talk about Story Mode again. Since this is the last community update I’ll be posting in 2016, this is also a good time to reflect on the last year of development on T

Thanks for the honest and informative insight into what the teams been up to all year both the successes and the struggles. From what I've seen in the previews, your team's hard work and dedication ar

I realize that you guys may be waiting for a "Big Release" but the suspense is killing me! It's March now and we've got nothing! We're still on Version 0.393! Can we at least get the Moose for Sandbox

While The Long Dark has been in Early Access for a while, we have continued to expand and improve on it regularly. Our preference is for the game to speak for itself so we don't talk a lot about the work we're doing, however we do plan to post some more detailed news in the foreseeable future.

Also, welcome to the forums, @Countryside!

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12 hours ago, Countryside said:

Thank you, @Mel Guille.

It's good to hear we are close.

I wish Early Access program had more open rules with some time limits. But it's true that in this case there has been clear progress over the years.


I don't think EA should have time limits. This would just lead to even more titles being released unfinished and/or defective. For TLD EA sandbox, there's so much you can enjoy about: it took me quite a while for example to get all steam achievements, there are different play modes and there are challenges to master. I spend hundreds of hours already with this game without ever getting bored. Still, i am happy if the release is near, too and my expectations are really high: if Raphael is the perfectionist he seems to be, this is going to be really great!

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On 11.4.2017 at 11:33 PM, Willkwi said:

See you all on May 4th, 2017!


You mean August 1st, or maybe later. To get 8-10 hours of story mode. As a pc-player, I'm sure it's worth waiting for console version to get polished.


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