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Sounds like one of those things that people would say is too much like a simulation and would detract from gameplay. I just pretend that when I send the character to sleep, they've done the washing up and elimination of waste at some point during that time, not in the sleeping bag or bed of course. Of course, it could serve as a way to keep wild animals from entering an area. For example, I seem to recall the actor David Tennant (from Doctor Who) talking about urinating in his yard to keep foxes from coming in.  Animal poo (such as a bear's) is known to be a sign that you should stay away.

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I can see where you're coming from with  this,

However, there are a lot of things that should be left abstract to prevent too much tediousness. The games I know that include this feature (Ark Survival) are usually then written off by their fans as humorous and not serious, breaking immersion and the tone the devs have distincly stived for. 

Anyways, welcome to the forums again! Dont take our objections too personally, this is a construction zone for ideas and everybody has a say, good job contibuting!

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Thank you @MarrowStone! I've never played ARK, it's really just a thought that came to me when I was playing.

Personally sometimes I stay up to 5 days without going to the WC. Not for the liquids, it's 5 times a day.

I know it is tedious if it is like The Sims, so boring to send the characters to the WC all the time.

But I think that drinking less water (when it's cold where I live I have 1 cup of water a day) and urinating once each two days wouldn't be bad.

But I understand the abstract part of this, is like hiding the gutting and skinning, you don't really need to see that...

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