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some smaller things, that i d love to see fixed or implemented:

- shorten the time for useing very small amounts of food/drinks: It takes me the same time to drink 0.67l water or to drink 0.12l which were left in my bottle.

- for me the Information of how much i can carry at the Moment and how much is in my backpack atm is really important. Would be nice to see it while running, when, showing the stat menu

- running: I like the idea, that i cant sprint backwards anymore. But i really often used two movement keys to walk slightly sidewards to look around without losing time, which isn possible anymore since the last update. But i think it should be possible, because its like when i turn my head while moving a bit, a completly natural thing.

- crow feathers shouldnd stick to the ground when its windy

i like the interloper mode, its really challenging and even as experienced player i didnt survive more than 3 days (yet)

but the difficulty-gap between interloper and stalker feels really huge.

i d like to see a difficulty between those two modes or that stalker becomes a light Version of interloper, because that would be my favourite difficulty to play.

i dont like the passing time function at all, i think its simply not nessessary. When i want to pass time somehow, i wanna repair stuff, read a book, make deerboots, whatever. Or sleep. But i dont wanna calculate how long i need to pass time before i go to sleep, so that i am at full stamina, when i ll go outside. The sleeping function in older versions was better, because not unnessesary complicated. Having more things to do when inside would be much better than a pass time function

- i dont like the changed text that appears on The screen when i point on a stick e.g. Because it kinda kills the athmosphere of The Game, when out of nowhere text appeares. Its enough when i see the text after i clicked on an item. I dont need to read that this is a stick, i can see that and i also know what i can do with it.

-reduce the weight of pills. In longer games i often carry all pills that i habe and sometimes i habe like 50 antibiotics or so. They dont weight 1 kg in reality

well after all i really like tld and the changes and new modes, that are implemented, keep it going that way!

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in the newer builds it seems that "difficulty" =  more storms and worse weather. While that is true the weather does make it more difficult, there are plenty of other things besides a blizzard every couple of hours. I just played several versions of hopeless rescue and in the 6 days nearly every one of them was -20 or more for much of the day, wind in my face so hard I could not sprint, and near white out. I have played that before several times and it has never been that bad.

I too would like to see Interloper light. The very experienced players can have their extreme sports but I like the challenge of knowing I have had some level of success in storing provisions etc. Interloper would be a nice idea when there are far more craftable items( rabbit hat, slippers, etc)  and more ways to make fire (bowdrill , flint etc) as well as more animals to hunt or even a way to make a shelter on a lake/pond to fish.  The weather does not have to be super extreme to make this more challenging, in fact I find it very irritating and frustrating as it seems to be a lazy way to come up with something more challenging.   Maybe those variables could be .... variable, like sliders or percentages we can select. The current modes are a certain set of variables, then we get to tweak them up or down?


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I agree with the op, especially with the first 4 and on reducing weight of pills.

On the third I would go further and made it possible to rotate head 180 degrees while walking/running forward. It works by pressing and holding down an additional key (let's say 'z') while moving forward. While you hold both keys it's possible to rotate head with your mouse (like in the car) but the direction you're walking is fixed. When you release 'z' the head returns to it's original position heading forward.

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