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As a self-proclaimed steam enthusiast, any ideas involving steam technology captures my interest and holds my approval.  :excited:

However, to me TLD is more of centered around surviving alone out in the wilderness than rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse.  And steam engines really requires a developed, interconnected society to make the technology practical: a steam engine is generally most efficient when it's built very large and running almost constantly, so not only do you need a steady supply of fuel, water, lubrication, and spare parts to maintain it's productivity, but you also need a large enough consumer base to utilize all that energy your engine is producing all day long. Not to mention that repairing and operating a steam engine requires an advance degree of knowledge that you just can't safely learn on the job (there's a reason why you need a license to legally operate a steam boiler at over 15 p.s.i. here in the U.S.A.).

All in all, it dampens my heart to say that I don't think resurrecting and utilizing steam engines would really work in TLD, at least not as long as it is focused on personal survival than community creation. :crying:

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