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Just now, Boston123 said:

Or ...... you could just crack them upside the head with the buttstock 9_9

Don't get me wrong, bayonets (and spears in general) would be useful, but a wooden club to the side of the head will take someone down just as fast, if not faster

We can have both.

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If you havent played Culling, then dont, save yourself some money and nerves. Aside of numerous exploits that devs apparently are either unable or unwilling to fix, its combat mechanic is rather primitive(do not confuse with simple). Something that may make game ok-ish, neither good nor particulary bad, mediocre. But their net coding is horrendous and unless youre close to server you will rage, a lot, because you will be killed literally by lags. In melee-oriented game its an ultimate fun killer.

In terms of bayonet(im presuming thats what were talking about), there is no particular point. Bayonet is essentially a knife that is just mountable under rifle muzzle. And we already have knife. Doubling rifle as spear is not particularly effective tactic either, since there is only handful of militaries that has training for proper bayonet usage and Canadian is not one of them.

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