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I have two cousins who live in Munich, but they're both fine, fortunately. My deepest sympathies to all the people who lost someone beloved or got psychologically disturbed because of the horrible attack or its consequences like the complete public transportation shutdown and the following (fortunately minor) local stampedes.

My thoughts are, however, not solely with the victims (and their families) of the Munich attack, but likewise with the families of the victims from Paris, Nizza, Brussels, Orlando, Dhaka, Oslo, Baghdad, Boston, Deir ez-Zor, Charsadda, Würzburg and all those countless other cities where terrorist attacks and shootings have already happened or will happen in the future.

I will never ever be able to understand what's going on in the minds of all those lunatic extremists who don't even care who they hurt or kill. It's just beyond me how they honestly seem to blame every human being (including small children) for whatever is causing their anger. As a halfway sane person with more than just hot air in their noggin it's probably impossible to even remotely understand their twisted line of thought.

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The news last night on the events in Munich was awful. Our best wishes to anyone affected, whether personally, or through friends, family or colleagues. 

Such violence is a tragedy. 

Es ist meine Hoffnung, dass alle Menschen, die gestern Abend in der Nähe von München waren, gut nach Hause gekommen sind. 

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On 23.7.2016 at 7:39 AM, cekivi said:

To all of our German forum members I hope you are safe and offer my sympathies for what happened today in Munich.

Thx. I live far away from Munich, but of course have friends there. If one of them had been hurt, I probably would have heard by now.

There was a bombing in a Russian subway some years ago, I think it was in Moscow. Some days later a friend told me that a former schoolmate of ours was killed there. He actually lived in England, but was on a business trip in Russia at the time. It was weird to think about it. I don't even remember what the bombing was about.

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