Xbox One achievements and global leaderboards


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i can already guess that achievements on the XB1 version of this will be available in the full version. but my question is, can we expect to see a lot of the same Steam achievements in the game or will they be different entirely? and if they're the same as the steam achievements, then why are they not implemented in the game already?
of course, i really don't understand the technicalities behind implementing achievements in a game, so i apologize if thats just a dumb question :P

but now, as for my suggestion -
currently the only way for us to share our best times on the new challenge mode, or share our most days survived and all of our stats is through here on the forums. i think it would be a good idea to implement a worldwide leaderboard, maybe it would add some community interaction into the game itself, too. you'd be able to see your personal best records and stats as compared to your friends and others on this leaderboard.

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