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I don't know if this question has been answered before, but... is the quantity of or condition of bait meat supposed to have anything to do with the duration by which wolves are delayed in resuming aggro?  I got the impression from reviewing past discussions that the two were proportional in some way. 

After noticing I didn't get much mileage out of dropping a high-calorie gift for my lupine friends, I got curious and ran a few tests just now.  Over three trials each, I tested the length of time the attack was forestalled by A) cooked rabbit meat, 0.09 lbs @ 9% and B) cooked deer meat, 2.20 lbs @ 91%.  (This was as extreme a difference as I had in my locker at the time.) The average for group A) was 10.9 seconds.  The average for group B) was 11.3 seconds.  I'd imagine the chief difference between the two was merely the promptness of my thumb in clicking the stopwatch.

Does this line up with the way bait meat has behaved in previous alpha versions?  At present, there seems to be no difference.  Whatever the case, I hope someone will find this useful. 

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