Stiches and Natural Aspirin (Willow Bark)


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With the First Aid system getting some added depth with the latest update I thought why not add even more stuff. Deep lacerations would require stitches (courtesy of a sewing kit or fishing line) and Aspirin (low strength painkillers) can be introduced to the game in the form of willow bark tea. Aboriginals used to use willow bark to treat various aches and pains since it contains acetylsalicylic acid, the active ingredient in Aspirin. Not as good as narcotic painkillers but perhaps enough so that 4 hours of rest can be reduced to 2 for a sprained wrist or ankle.

In fact, if more wounds and treatments are added to the game, especially with items now persisting longer, treatments and durations can all be tuned to encourage actual treatment of ailments as opposed to just sleeping for a few hours. For example, a sprained wrist may require much more sleep, or less sleep and pain killers, or injuries may need accumulate so resting won't treat all at once etc.

Just a thought :)

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The way I'd like to see it work would be to introduce a new status bar for pain level - you could have 'Comfortable' on the right-hand end and 'Agony' at the other. You couldn't have "low-level" painkillers like willow bark without this, really - at the moment a painkiller or rosehip tea fixes the affliction; there is no "level" of pain. 

With a 'Pain' bar, gulping down a couple of painkiller pills would only give you a boost to this status level, and not remove the affliction altogether: you'd still have to rest and/or treat the wound in order to recover completely (after a while, painkillers would wear off, and still-present injuries would cause your pain level to increase again).

Lacerations could be immediately treated with bandages and anti-septic, as they are now, to prevent bleeding and infection, but the injury itself could remain persistent for a 'healing period', perhaps requiring further wound dressing/maintenance; and causing pain in the status bar throughout that time. Introducing the ability to stitch wounds would also complement this well: it could be made more painful than bandaging, but perhaps reduce the healing period for lacerations - especially if different degrees of seriousness were introduced for lacerations, such as deep wounds vs minor cuts.

Pain could affect your ability at performing other tasks, and make them take longer to complete. It could have audio/visual affects as well.

At the moment, you can sprain both ankles and both wrists and you don't give a toss - just put up with it for the rest of the day and then sleep it off.

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