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  1. hi i have found a key in the bank ( wich open the director s house ) before i talk with old grey. i exit from the bank and near the dear carcass a wolf jump on my throat and ..i die i reload ( last save not last check point) i was just outside the bank and few hours after that i try to enter in a home, the door was lock and need a key. i go back in the bank the director's desk drawer was already search and no key. and in french when we open a door it s writen" fermer la porte" ( close the door ) and when we close a door it s "ouvrir la porte" ( open the door ) and all the dialogue with old grey and not translate ( yet ?) Thanks for this game i love the story !!! i love that game
  2. totally agree with you tortuosit, i never notive it before the faithful carto
  3. I ll only list the "problems" for me, if i dont talk about something i find it s great XD the UI is white on white ... it s not really visible. the radial menu has 2 big problems for me - 1 there s no menu craft ( for lines, torch, bandages etc.. ) we have to open our journal that s make no sense. - 2 the food menu : ex i have 2kg a fresh dear cook i open the radial menu and i have only 3 pack ofdried meat, 2-3 can ( all the same), etc..but no fresh food. it should propose 1 type of food and the fresh meat in priority AND we can bind/fuse the drink and food menu in one. the healing system changed too, now we have to check our charater close the character page and open the radial menu or the bag to take medic.... why cannot take the medic directly on the character page ?? the mouvement of our hands when carrying stone, flare etc is ridiculous it remind me minecraft ^^ little frenzy twisty when harvesting animal or tree by default i always have the saw but i have a knife and an axe...even if i use knife just 5 mins before for the same thing, if i harvest a dear with a knife the next time i should have a knife by default. the map : whevever you are the size of the map discover is the same, on coastal highway i walk to the tower it was a sunny day, irl i could draw 70% of the map( at least the coast, the 2 islands and all the fishing point ) ...IG i only draw a little circle around me. I though the point of view sould be more usefull to draw a map sorry for my english i hope you ll understand Great job Hinterland I love your game !!!!
  4. OMG thanks Lupine !!!! it must be in the radial menu if we can still do it.
  5. not kill just stun ^^ you have to catch them Nicko i know that thanks , i have a line and a hook in my bag and i can t craft a fishing line ( line + hook ) without a workbench ... we can do that before.
  6. hi i test yesterday the " faithful carto" i start in coastal highway ..therre s a lot of rabbit running on spot ^^ easy to aim and test the stone ha ha ho and it s not a bug but we can t craft anything with just our hand ? I have a fishing rope and a fishhook i can t craft a line to fish i can t craft a torch with stick + clothes + fuel etc etc otherwise the FC is pretty cool thanks for it
  7. i play yesterday ( i ll dont talk about the non patch ha ha ) i lose 2 rifles 1st one i was on the porch / stoop of the farm in pleasant valley i shoot a bear he attack me and the rifle wasn t on the floor, ok maybe it fall under the porch i take my second rifle i go on snow i shoot the bear ( i let him attack me to test ...yes i m crazy ^^) and my rifle disappear ... i test with another save with wolves there s no problem, i lose my rifle only after a bear attack excuse my english i ll hope you understand what i say good luck to fix it
  8. i just move my mouse a little and there s clipping on few stone in snow ( i see it a lot of time in TWM ) i never see it in pleasant or in coastal
  9. Dahoset

    tool box

    thank you for this advice i ll use my hacksaw now
  10. i don t talk about weight you can carry enough to travel it s the more important, a few days ago i move from coastal highway to TWM with all my stuff ( all furs clothes and bear bedrolls, lantern and 1l of fuel, torch tool axes prybar bow and rifle etc etc ) i walked slowy but i walked ^^ and i could go to TWM ( okay i had to make the climbing in 2 times ^^) i don t even look the weigh of my bag, i need this stuff and i can carry it all to the house of TWM it take my a lot of coffee and some nap after lunch in the snow
  11. Dahoset

    tool box

    arf ok ... so i can only repair the hacksaw... i almost neveer use hack saw so i have to move to find some whetstone again and again. at least it force me to move and the hacksaw is really the best tool to harvest meat ?? it seems it was longer than knife to me. note for myself : pay attention to "used to" next time. thank you for answer
  12. Dahoset

    tool box

    i can repair my axes and kinves oO omg i ll try it tonight thank you answering so quickly it ll change my life
  13. Dahoset

    tool box

    hi i played for a fex month now and i realized one thing : what is the use of tool box ?