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- Fish for 30 minutes, and larger catches. Seeing as how fishing is the worst use of time per calories gained, I figure this could use some improvement. Having an option to fish for 30 minutes and catches up to 15kg would be great. Anything above 10kg could have a very low probability so it doesn't make fishing an easy food source.

- Camping tents, teepees, igloos. all three would eliminate wind chill and reduce cold a bit. Teepees would require wolf/deer/bear hides and wood to build. Igloos would require a lot of time and stamina.

- Cut meat into 0.5kg pieces. Whether cooked or raw.

- More weapons: bear trap, spear, handgun, compound bow, .22, some other larger rifle, and a scope that can be added to the rifles.

- Cut down trees to build small cabins or enclosures.

- Get water from waterfalls.

- Add berries like blueberries. Option to smoke fish/meat and make jerky.

- Energy drinks. Red Bull or Monster type of drink that would increase stamina and make the bar fall slower. Gatorade type of drink (electrolytes) that would hydrate you faster and make the hydration bar fall slower. I'm pretty sure licensing these brands would be expensive and a hassle, so I recommend using different names like "Energy Drink" and "Sports Drink".

- Almost forgot: Behavioral element to wolves/bears which allows them to smell and be attracted to food. This would include cooked fish/meat at the fishing huts, and fresh animals that are harvested (I know there is no blood in the game but I'm sure harvesting a fresh animal is a messy business in real life). It would have to be a location that has no door or a door that does not save the game. Also, you should be able to plant certain fruits or food near snares to attract rabbits faster. Maybe even deer. 


That's it for now!   


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10kg fish would be a monster. How exactly do you intend to pull it out thru that tiny hole in the ice ? Not to mention that in this case fishing once a day, for 30 minutes, will provide player with enough food to last for 3-4 days. Nobody would even bother to hunt then.

Cutting down a frozen tree... Yeah, good luck with that.

You do understand that we are in area that is filled with water, like everywhere, even if its frozen. Risking slipping and falling into that waterfall to get a few liters of water that youd still would have to boil. Not to mention getting completely wet in the process. Il pass.

Various berries would be nice to have, but finding them under snow... I wouldnt know where to begin.

Smoking and numerous other ways to preserve meat have been proposed regularly. So far nothing. But fingers crossed.

Energy drinks. Riiight. Id rather have alcohol. Safer. With alcohol average person at least knows the risks and its far more useful. Hearth problems, stroke, kidney problems, dehydration, indigestion, anxiety, tremors, insomnia... list goes on. Those are not some magical energy potions, all that energy comes from person own inner reserves and drinking them can have serious health problems and initial boost of energy result in faster fatigue gain later.

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Thats funny, the fisheries division of the NOAA states that the average size of a salmon is 3.5 - 5.5 kg but can be found up to 30lbs, or 13.6kg (a simple google search said the same thing). So asking for low probability fish of above average size is not farfetched... I shoot a bear in the butt and in an hour I have 30-40kg of meat, or enough food for a month. What's the problem? Low probability is the key here. Means the average catch will be much lower. The other option is to add calories to the current average fish size. The point is fishing is not a productive use of time.

Im not going to spend a lot of time on this because clearly you don't like the ideas so it doesn't matter, but running water does not need to be boiled, we currently find bushes of rose every map...above the snow...

Alcohol is a depressant, why on earth would you substitute an energy drink for that?? And one could argue all the same nonsense about tremors and insomnia with coffee. The point is to use it when you need it, not one hour before bed.

I think about the only thing I agree with you on is with cutting down frozen trees. I just really hope for a way to eventually build enclosures.  

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2 hours ago, Dirmagnos said:

Cutting down a frozen tree... Yeah, good luck with that.

Live trees don't normally freeze while if conditions are really severe, they can and it would result in the death of the tree or at least the smaller branches. People cut Xmas trees all the time using an axe, even in very very cold weather. Once the tree is downed, it needs to be bucked because then it is going to start to freeze.

For what it's worth, I don't think it's technically viable to harvest the TLD trees however I suppose a special class of harvestable tree (dead tree) could be added if they want to take the game in that direction.

We see these topics come up over and over: spears, tree cutting, and so on. It's time consuming for people to add these wishes as well as for other people to respond intelligently to them. That's more a limitation of the way in which the forum data is organized but short of adding specific subforums, I don't have an idea how to address that hierarchical need. Subforums are not a popular idea; an alternative might be lots of machine generated hyperlinks? I dunno. My background was data modelling and database design so I tend to approach it from that angle.

I think it has been productive to group several ideas as we have done for "risks" "tools" "fire making" and soon "weapons". I have to stop now (company arrived) but I wanted to get that problem out there for ideas. Actually "animals" should have come first and then maybe scenarios for tool use somehow. mumble mumble.

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Ok, 3-5 kg average i can live with, altho salmon would be restricted to only CH and DP areas. Plus i apparently misread, i thought it was about 1 fish of 10 kg, not several. But catching several of those, for total of 10kg, in 30 minutes would be improbable. Altho having such chance in theory could be interesting.

Why exactly running water doesnt need to be boiled, while snow does ? The fact that its running doesnt mean that its safe.

Rose hips bushes are considerably bigger that blueberry ones, yet we see only a bit of them.

Alcohol is as much of depressant as same energy drink or coffee. But in comparison to alcohol, energy drinks contain chemistry lab worth of various crap, all neatly packed together in a small can/bottle. Even drinking coffee is far better idea than energy drinks.


Live trees dont normally freeze, but we are not under normal conditions, do we now ! Severe temperature drops do lead to trees freezing and dying.

People may cut xmas trees all the time, but their trunks are rarely 2 wide(like saplings that we already able to harvest). And mostly they are cut down using saw, not axe, not to mention hatchet.

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Maybe there's a misunderstanding on the fishing topic. I proposed two separate things:

1. Fishing for 30 min option.

2. More productivity out of fishing, which could be brought about through larger fish, or more calories per catch. 

I didn't mean that you should catch huge, or many fish in every 30 min fishing session. Just that a 30 min session would help make fishing a bit more productive.

And I did suggest of having the possibility for one 10 - 15kg catch. Just that it would be very improbable (0.5 - 1% chance, or 1 in 200 - 100 odds per hour fished) so as to not make fishing an overly easy food source. Considering I can easily get more than double that amount of meat by shooting a bear and hiding in an enclosure for a little while, I figure this is reasonable, considering such fish actually exist. 

And yes, running water from a river does not need to be boiled; especially from a pristine source in Northern Canada with little to no pollution. 

Energy drinks are filled with chemicals but I think in a survival scenario it wouldn't matter. Also, energy drinks and coffee are stimulants, not depressants like alcohol.

And hey, maybe they could include a saw as your last post mentioned! That would definitely assist in cutting down trees for cabins. I personally wouldn't want them for fighting off animals lest TLD becomes the Canada chainsaw massacre, but maybe a saw exclusively for tree cutting in one particular area of each map and a sledge to drag the logs around would be a nice addition? 

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I havent used fishing in ages(a waste of time and resources imo), but wasnt it already time-based, where player defines duration of fishing ? And you can alredy catch fish that weights over 5 kg.

And i still have serious doubt that player can pull a 10-15kg monster thru that tiny hole in ice.

Snow is also pristine in N Canada, yet we have to boil water made from it anyway.

In survival scenario it would be extremely important what and how much protagonist consumes(unless he have no choice). And ingesting potential poison that can have numerous severe negative effects, for a short jolt of energy, is hardly something that can be simply overlooked. Also those stimulants have addictive elements, that can cause depression(among other things) once they wear off. In case of alcohol only abuse causes depression, otherwise all highschool students around the world would be constantly depressed.

Saw would be the only reliable way of cutting trees under current conditions. Trying to cut them down with a hatchet would pretty much similar to trying to mine a rock, player would have better chances with a pickaxe, rather than hatchet.

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Pollution from manmade sources is not the only thing we have to worry about in water from natural sources. There is also bacteria, viruses, protozoans and other parasites, and many other sources of disease simply because animals urinate and defecate in or near water, and such contamination gets washed into the streams/lakes. Running water would be relatively safer than standing water simply because running water would have lower concentrations of such contaminants, but we still have to boil them. 

BTW, boiling removes only those biological contaminants, it does not remove much in the way of toxins released from manmade sources. That's why wastewater plants work so hard on filtration and chemical purification (though there is research being done on bacteria that can chew their way through an oil spill . . .)

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