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  1. Sounds good, guys. But let's refer to him by his proper name: Sasquatch.
  2. I know the guitar string plays when you're outside and the clock hits 2 hours of daylight left. And if I'm not mistaken music comes on when you discover certain locations. It's just vey ambient stuff so it's not in your face. I like it a lot, but agree. Maybe a little more wouldn't hurt.
  3. Schneidox

    Water Mechanics

    And yet we get our water from the bowl in the game.
  4. Schneidox

    Water Mechanics

    I've done quite a few times. Potable.
  5. Schneidox

    Water Mechanics

    The storage of water is definitely the bigger problem, and being able to melt snow in any location is the second imo. I recently killed a bear and two deer, harvested and cooked about 45kg of meat, and boiled over 30kg of water and had that many bottles on a desk to last me long enough to get my Living Off the Land achievement. Looking at that many plastic bottles really struck me as ridiculous. I think there are numerous containers from large to small the devs could add, and players would just have to manage space. Deer and bear stomach has been proposed, there are flasks, thermos', water coolers for locations like the gas station and signal hill, and even filling bathtubs, sinks or toilets with boiled water. Although personally, I still don't understand how water from toilets is potable. God knows how anyone in their right mind would be willing to get down and gulp a big mouthful of toilet water at a gas station!!
  6. Well I'm not a physicist (I'm in investment management) but I thought a very powerful solar flare might have enough energy to maybe push the satellites off course. I could be totally wrong. But thanks for shedding light on the subject!
  7. So I'm guessing a massive solar flare caused the event. If so, it would probably cause significant damage to the atmosphere. Should there be sunblock to avoid major sunburns? And should there be falling satellites considering all of them were probably knocked out of functionality/orbit from the event?
  8. I suspect the revolver's value will be in animal attacks. The effective range on the rifle is pretty short imo, so I believe a revolver would be all but useless anywhere past 30 meters. I think it's going to come in handy when fluffy or one of his goons jumps tries to rip your face off. A quick shot with the revolver from point blank range should neutralize him immediately.
  9. I won't answer for Coffee. But some blackened coho salmon with sautéed reishi mushrooms would really hit the spot.
  10. I have to say, I'm extremely excited to see what happens next week with the update... Day 140 and I have a boring routine down, so something to mix it up and make me worry about dying again is going to be awesome
  11. Flying creatures that hunt...I can see why you chose your name, Vhalkyrie! Who knows, could work but would require a craftable glove.
  12. Yeah that was my post over a week ago. Devs are adding a horse over the next year so let's see how calorie consumption works out there. And the dog being able to hunt would balance out the work in feeding him. So in the end it might net out to almost the same amount of work.
  13. I think it would make Sandbox even better! As in real life, having someone who would die for you and whom you would die for is the most rewarding experience of all
  14. I know this has been suggested in the past. Just want to reiterate how cool this would be. Seeing as how it wasn't on the (very exciting) update list recently released, thought the devs could take another look. The idea is to have a companion dog you find and whose trust you must gain by feeding him and interacting with him--petting, playing fetch--before he decides to follow you. You have to keep him fed and hydrated. There can be a key binding for his interaction with you and/or your surroundings. For instance, if you walk into a room the key can trigger him to search for hidden food or drinks. If you're hunting rabbits the key will trigger him to catch one (with probability of failure) or fetch a dead one. And when attacked by a predator, you can choose to have him fight off the animal as a last ditch effort. Fighting the predator can result in the dogs death, the predators death, the predators retreat or a combination of these outcomes depending on the predators size and the dogs condition. He should also be able to sniff out predators before they get too close. Maybe there could even be a list of items he could sniff out. If you're close enough to that item (100 meters or so) he'll bark and and run towards it. Or you would have to have one of that item on you and have him smell it and then search for it. Thoughts?
  15. I also read up on sled dogs and noticed that the real life diet of a sled dog is very demanding. However, most of the research I did was on a typical sled dog's diet during a race. I couldn't find anything on "casual" use. Since we would not be running a 500 km race with them, perhaps it would make sense that the food/water requirements could be lower. Finally, considering a normal person would probably require a lot more than 2500 calories per day hunting, fishing, harvesting, cutting logs, etc. I thought the dogs' requirements could be less as well. Just food for thought.
  16. Maybe it can just be included in stalker mode so those who want such a difficult game can have it. Just a thought as a comprise for those just starting and those looking for more.
  17. Schneidox

    Fat from animals

    I think fat could have its uses in the game in terms of fuel and food. I also feel that harvesting organs should be included too. Specifically, the heart and liver. They could have a calorie bonus or something like that.
  18. I thought that there could be maybe 8 dogs in total spread throughout the maps. 4 would be the minimum to use the sled, but a player could catch and train 6 or even 8 if hes ready to make food and water a top priority. Additionally, there could be kennels in each map where you could leave extra dogs you're not using or you have an option to just set them free. Their calorie intake is really the big question. Normally, I'm guessing a sled dog would probably require some where around 2000-4000 calories per day depending on how big and how active they are, but perhaps it can be reduced to make it a little more feasible. Maybe around 1000 calories per day when active; 500 if inactive. They wouldn't require cooked meat so that would help. The kennels could also come stocked with bags of dog food and water as would probably be the case. That could hold players off for a while before they really have to start stocking up for the dogs. Their movement would be restricted to road, trails, and paths. Going downhill would risk a crash which could break the sled, hurt the player, and potentially result in dogs running away. Inclines would just get harder and harder until the dogs stop. They would fly on the frozen lakes. Also the sled could carry an extra 30kg of supplies. Weapons could be equipped while driving but are harder to aim. The sled would not be able to outrun wolves and bears. Most wolves would be scared of it but bears would not. The dogs would tire completely after a four continuous hours and require rest, food and water. Finally, you could catch a dog by luring them with food. Perhaps some would be more skiddish than others and run off after taking the food. Maybe three such trust feedings could develop an initial bond where they allow themselves to be harnessed. But with each feeding afterwards, more and more trust develops until they actually try to fight off wolves and bears protecting you in case you get attacked while riding. Trying to harness a dog that doesn't trust you would result in an attack. Another important consideration is where they sleep. If you're at one of the kennel locations then its not an issue, but if you're somewhere else or sleeping outdoors, there would have to be some kind of an enclosure you can put together so they stay out of the wind. I think this is one of the most unfinished parts to the idea and needs refining. Finally, how they interact with other animals (especially predators) is pivotal. Maybe the dogs could sense predators from far, bark from outside when you're indoors and a predator is out there, and I'm still unclear on what should happen to the party when attacked by a wolf or bear--should one dog get targeted? or do more get hurt? does everyone get hurt? or a combination/variation of these events depending on fatigue, trust, etc. Aside from where they sleep, this would be the last tough issue to tackle. The forum is never short of good ideas so I'm sure everyone can figure it out in a way that makes sense.
  19. I think your idea on the skis is probably one of the most well thoughtout ski suggestions I've seen. I think it's a great starting place. I have requested a dog sled in the past, I'm sure it could have a complementary effect to the skis in terms of picking up where they leave off like roads, inclines, etc. I always thought there should be a better backpack so I agree with you on that but I don't think it should be permanent once equipped. Players should still have a choice. I think the clothes idea is good. Hopefully they add a better animal skin hat, too. Never understood why they left that out.
  20. Maybe there's a misunderstanding on the fishing topic. I proposed two separate things: 1. Fishing for 30 min option. 2. More productivity out of fishing, which could be brought about through larger fish, or more calories per catch. I didn't mean that you should catch huge, or many fish in every 30 min fishing session. Just that a 30 min session would help make fishing a bit more productive. And I did suggest of having the possibility for one 10 - 15kg catch. Just that it would be very improbable (0.5 - 1% chance, or 1 in 200 - 100 odds per hour fished) so as to not make fishing an overly easy food source. Considering I can easily get more than double that amount of meat by shooting a bear and hiding in an enclosure for a little while, I figure this is reasonable, considering such fish actually exist. And yes, running water from a river does not need to be boiled; especially from a pristine source in Northern Canada with little to no pollution. Energy drinks are filled with chemicals but I think in a survival scenario it wouldn't matter. Also, energy drinks and coffee are stimulants, not depressants like alcohol. And hey, maybe they could include a saw as your last post mentioned! That would definitely assist in cutting down trees for cabins. I personally wouldn't want them for fighting off animals lest TLD becomes the Canada chainsaw massacre, but maybe a saw exclusively for tree cutting in one particular area of each map and a sledge to drag the logs around would be a nice addition?
  21. Thats funny, the fisheries division of the NOAA states that the average size of a salmon is 3.5 - 5.5 kg but can be found up to 30lbs, or 13.6kg (a simple google search said the same thing). So asking for low probability fish of above average size is not farfetched... I shoot a bear in the butt and in an hour I have 30-40kg of meat, or enough food for a month. What's the problem? Low probability is the key here. Means the average catch will be much lower. The other option is to add calories to the current average fish size. The point is fishing is not a productive use of time. Im not going to spend a lot of time on this because clearly you don't like the ideas so it doesn't matter, but running water does not need to be boiled, we currently find bushes of rose every map...above the snow... Alcohol is a depressant, why on earth would you substitute an energy drink for that?? And one could argue all the same nonsense about tremors and insomnia with coffee. The point is to use it when you need it, not one hour before bed. I think about the only thing I agree with you on is with cutting down frozen trees. I just really hope for a way to eventually build enclosures.
  22. Only the first time it happened, maybe somewhere around day 50. I noticed the gameplay was getting a bit choppy outside the trappers house, walked in and boom. It looks like you're in the sky with no clouds and nothing all around you. You can equip weapons and shoot and run but it seems like you're falling the whole time. The second time was much later around day 130. Got back from killing a bear on the lake, walked into the gas station and it happened. No signs of choppiness or anything that time.
  23. Personally, I think seasons are a must. It just makes sense and will enhance gameplay -- like when planning for the winter during summer/fall. Not sure how you guys can factor the melting of ice and snow, but I look forward to spending a summer day at the lake only wearing my deerskin boots and a toque. lol just kidding, but yeah, seasons.
  24. Ok, after playing for hours and hours I only noticed that feature now. Thanks for the heads up, Patrick! Maybe you guys can make it a bit more obvious? Seems like a lot of people don't know about it. Thanks again!
  25. Not sure but I have 125 hours logged, been to all maps, alive for 133 days and it's happened twice. As for the sleeping bag, I've read on many forums that its possible and that you can't equip the bag in the car, you're supposed to click on it from your inventory and the sleep menu should appear.