My breakfast? A 2Kg fish.


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Just thought it was pretty funny hence i posted it, the devs probably already know of the problem but if you didn't, if you sleep for 9 hours you can eat a 2Kg fish (cooked) takes about a 3.9Kg fish (raw) for that.
Don't get me wrong if you're hungry enough you can always eat a 2kg fish, but for when you're waking up i only see people complaining about being able to eat too much meat, ~1Kg.
I don't think people fish that much, which i completely understand (fishing is kind of pointless as of now), so it would be normal if people haven't noticed that as much as the meat/calorie problem, well the fish one is even funnier, or worse depending on your point of view XD

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Fishing is just about my main source of food. I live at CH and a couple of Coho salmon will provide your calories for the day. Everything else you catch is bonus calories.

I use up all the crowbars for chipping Ice. 540 days so far and I still have 3 perfectly good crowbars left to chip ice.

And the best thing about fish (in real life) is that you can scarff down all you want and never gain weight!!!  Only 300 calories per pound!

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I also just ate a 2 kilo fish - lol.  Funny to think about.

I actually kind of like fishing.  It's a very consistent food source - I will always catch something in an 8 hour period, whereas my rabbit snares sometimes fail.  When I go explore other maps, I eat all the food in my home base.  When I return to home base, I go fishing as it's the easiest way to get a starter stash of food.  I have an endless supply of fishing line from snaring rabbits.

Camping inside the fishing huts was kind of relaxing.  I can stay in there until I have a full stomach.  I have all my used prybars that I no longer need stored in the drawers, so I don't need to carry them with me.  I'm pondering whether to leave my sleeping bag in the hut as well, as that's the only place I really need it.

If you're lucky enough to find a spare hammer at the Gas Station, you can use that to chip ice if you run out of prybars.  Hammer only needs 1 Fir log to repair, making it renewable.  There is always a hammer at DP, so just leave that one there at the Forge, but I have the spare one on reserve for fishing if I run out of prybars (which isn't anytime soon - I have 6 in pretty good condition).

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