A Survivors Daily Journal - 139 Days in


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A Survivors Daily Journal


A collection of my longest runs (after learning the basics)

Due to some copy paste bug a big chunk of the second run is done as screenshots of the journal. Now i'm writing them out in the forum and copying them INTO the journal, which works, but not the other way round. Please excuse any typos, poor grammar and bad writing. I'm only doing this for my own amusement.


Use the links below to go to the first post for each run


Thanks for reading!


Run one (131 days - Deceased)

Run two (Alive)

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The Dam is spooky!  Even though I know there aren't any zombies that are going to pop up and scare me, all the creaks and groaning make me jumpy!  My current game I'm parked there now until my last wolf skin finishes curing.  It's a very useful staging area, but can't wait until I'm in the comfort of the farmhouse!

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Day 104

well, i thought i had better start writing in this thing now that 100 days has passed. I haven't been able to bring myself to record my journey here. It was...i don't know,  if i record it, then it really IS happening....

 i broke down some more furniture, it was too cold to go out for wood. The reserves of the canned food and candy are starting to deteriorate. Its as if the cold degrades things faster than normal, but this cant be helped.I also braved the cold for some meat, the bear i shot on my doorstep last week is dwindling now.... loosed a few arrows at a stag down near the main road and managed to land one but the blasted creature took off before a blizzard set in. I tried to track the animal down, but turned for home. I really hope i can find him tomorrow....


Day 105

Found the deer i stalked yesterday, lost an arrow for my trouble.

A wolf had found the carcass before i could, and was feeding on it when i approached. On hearing me, the wolf attacked me! I managed to get an arrow into him but he raged on as if he hadn't even felt it.I Managed to fight him away with my knife and harvest the rest of the deer.

Back in the farmstead.Straight to bed for me today, a strong wind has picked up...its getting cold....


Day 106

4am, -25, -21 Blizzard
I spent the next 3 hours cooking the venison taken from the kill over the river, in the hay field. Am currently observing the blizzard from the porch, drinking a coffee. Hopefully the storm breaks. running low on wood.

6pm, -5 (inside), calm, clear
Storm has died down, no wood. Made some torches during the day and laid the deerskin out to cure. My deer skin boots are starting to wear. Some venison steak for dinner and off to bed.


Day 107

6am, -27, -23, Blizzard
Woke to it howling again outside. Hopefully this settles soon, i need to be out to prepare for gathering wood and maybe ill head up the radio tower.

7.30am, -23, -1, Calm, light snow.
setting out for the radio tower, hopefully i wont encounter any wolves.

10.00am ??, ?? - Blizzard
Reached the radio tower, found some 8 rounds of rifle ammunition, a rifle, some medical supplies and soft drink. May need to settle here until the storm blows out. Knocked over a deer with the bow on my way out, near the road. Will have a chore in front of me when it comes to harvesting it, what with it being frozen. Hopefully the wolves haven't beaten me to it.

5.30pm, -5 (inside) calm
Managed to get down from the radio tower through an opening in the weather. Harvested the deer i knocked over earlier and took its skin. Tense stand off with a bear out the front of the house, finally lost interest in me and wandered off.  Absolutely exhausted when i got home, will cook the meat tomorrow. need sleep






Day 108

6.30am -5 (inside), calm, light fog
Woke to a calm morning.  Today i think ill head  west to inspect the cabins out that way. Haven't seen them for a while, will check if i missed anything worthwhile to bring back. May have another expedition to TWM to think about....i know i left some good items there, but will need to prepare. Wood for today, cook the venison.

2pm, -23, -28 Clear, Gales
Found a few days with of fir and cedar, got back to the farmstead and cooked the venison. Next order of business is the new bearskin bed roll. I have the pelts cured on the porch and found the bear was back from yesterday, now i cant get to the workbench in the basement. Hopefully he leaves soon

7pm -17, -5, Clear, Calm
Beautiful sunset. Don't have enough gut in a usable state to put this bedroll together, i will have to wait for a few more days for the gut on the porch to cure. Made some rose hip and reishi tea. Didn't get out west, will do that tomorrow. Venison for dinner and off to bed,


Day 109

9.00am, -5 (inside), Clear, Gales
Awoke to gale winds how long outside. I was hoping to make it out west before mid day, but the weather is not looking great. Will hope for a weather window, maybe i can get out to the cabins and hunker down for a day or two.

1.00pm, 1C, 0, Calm, clear
Found a cave up along a ridge line. There was a back pack and metal container in there with some canned food, but no sign of any people. Will continue on to Skeeters Ridge after a nap.

6pm, -5 (inside) Fog, light wind
Well when i woke up a fog had set in and hasn't broken, so im hunkering down in Burned Ridge Cave. Venison and some soda for tea, and then off to bed.


Day 110

5am,  -33, -2, Clear, strong wind
Slept pretty well in the cave, all things considered. Death did not come this night. Its blisteringly cold this morning, im going to risk setting out for draft dodgers cabin, now that i have clear vis.

7am, -5 (inside) Clear, Light winds.
Made it to the cabin! i knocked over two wolves on my way with the rifle, using two rounds of the 5 i carry on me., one ambushed me as soon as i left the cave. It was still early dawn, with a rich, deep blue light illuminating the landscape. I shot the wolf using blind luck. The second wolf was blocking my path and had to go, further down the ridge line. it was too perilous in the wind to wait the wolf out. I took the pelt from the second wolf and will warm up in the cabin before heading home. Fruitless endeavor this was.

12pm, -5 (Inside), Overcast, Gales
What a disaster. I swung by the Barn on my way back to pick over the area. nothing. On my way back a wolf had taken a deer. I really need more skins for repair and to craft some pants.I scared the wolf away with an arrow, and settled in to my task. Just after skinning the carcass the wolf pounced. He did a number on me, cuts, bruises, and a suspected sprain in my wrist. Just got home with my life. I need to tend to my wounds and will sleep. DAMN IT!


Day 111

8am, -5 (inside), Clear, Gales
Woke up, put on a fire and boiled some water. Today will be a repair and recharge day i think. The gut i need is nearly finished curing, two days max and then i can put the bearskin bedroll together, take some meat for the trip, get the farmstead ready and provisioned for my (hopeful) return.

To be honest i keep asking myself why i go on these expeditions. Ive got nearly everything i could need for a tentative future here in PV...but maybe its wanderlust......or loneliness that drives me on, to search, to seek. Why? an answer i do not have..


Day 112

6am, -5 (inside), Blizzard
Breakfast of champions. Venison, Candy and Coffee. I wIll wait out this blizzard and hopefully start this bedroll.

10.00am, -5 (Inside), Clear, Strong wind
Weather has settled  down,. Time to start the bedroll.

10.00pm, -5 (inside), Clear, strong wind
Time for bed, could hear the bear out in the dark so i got inside as fast as possible. Venison for dinner and bed


Day 113

7.00am -5 (inside), Clear, strong wind
Woke up to Mr Bear outside. I may take him when i'm back from TWM, right outside again so i can ferry all that meat inside. Finishing that bedroll today and will then consider setting off for TWM.

9.00pm, -5 (inside) Clear, Calm
Bedroll complete, off to bed after a long day. Will head off to TWM in the morning.


Day 114

7.00am, -5 (inside) Misty, calm
Well i'm about ready to set off for TWM. When i last visited on Day 61 - 77 i managed to explore the lowland, and fix some ropes for a higher attack on the mountain. I left a meager cache of tools and pieces of equipment. If anyone finds this journal.....share my story.

5.00pm, -10 (inside), Clear, Calm
Finally arrived at the hut on crystal lake. The weather was clear but very windy on the way up, with gales most of the day. Going to have some dinner and go to bed. Tomorrows first order of business is wood and meat, and then begin the ascent.


Day 115

12pm, -10C (inside) Clear, Calm
Well its that time. Ive got some wood prepared for my eventual return. I'm hoping i don't need to spend more than 2 days on the mountain, but we shall see. Wish me luck.

6pm 0C, (Inside)
Today was trying. Ive only managed to reach the first step of the mountain, climbing one set of fixed ropes. The weather turned 2 hours into my trip. I was also mauled by a wolf who crested a small hill right in front of me. Lost an arrow into him before he struck.  He took off after a brief struggle, could hear the poor bastard whimpering and hoiwling up across the river,.i think he died not 30 minutes ago....hope hes out of his misery. Ive set up shop in a cave, seems extensive but haven't explored. Ill push on tomorrow morning, weather permitting.


Day 116

6am, 0c (inside)
Woke in the cave and got moving. Harvested the wolf from yesterday for its meat, also recovered the arrow. Started pressing into the cave, my torch was giving off poor light and fell off a sheer ledge. Really busted up my ankle and wrist, but i cant afford to stop. Have swallowed a handful of painkillers. Lets just hope this isn't the start of something terrible. I'm scared now...i never liked caves and being deep underground.

5PM, -16, -1, Clear, Gales
Im holed up in an open cave in the upper parts of the mountain now, absolutely shattered. I'm getting into my bed roll and waiting for morning before i push on. One more step up now.


Day 117

8am, -20, -1, Overcast, Light wind
I survived the night. Pushing on and upwards

8pm, -16, -1, Clear, Calm.
SUCCESS!!!!!! Ive done it! im on the summit. I finished the final part of the ascent in the dark, and have found a cave to hole up in until dawn. I'm exhausted but satisfied. Down to my last meal, so timing was perfect.





Day 118

7.00AM, -21, -1, Clear, Calm.
Have found the wreck up on the summit. What an incredible sight. Many storage containers still within the tail section of the plane, found a further 20 rifle rounds, a ton of food, clothing tools, medical suppliers.....there is no way i can bring all this back with me. I found a good spot to fix ropes so coming back on further expeditions should be easier. I'm going to take stock and get back down.

4.00pm, 1C, -10, Blizzard
Im back at the hut on the lake, but left the bearskin bedroll on the summit!!!!!!! Devastating development. Oh well, ill just have to craft another one back in PV. I'm planning on resting and moving out at first light, to get back to the homestead, ill be taking the rifle ammunition i found and some more hunting knives and whetstones


Day 119

7.00am, -17C (Inside) Fog, Calm
Woke after a sound sleep. This morning i will attempt to get back to PV as fast as possible.

12.00pm, -5 (inside) Clear, Gales
Have arrived safely at the Farmstead, Home Sweet Home. The journey back from the fixed rope up to TWM was uneventful. I saw a few wolves stalking and hunting deer, and was caught in a mild wind storm. The plan for today and tomorrow will be to take stock, repair clothing, gather wood then hunt. I now require more bearskin for a new bedroll, so when Mr Bear shows up ill get him then.


Day 120

8.00am, -5 (inside)  Fog, Calm
Wow its great to be home! That was a rough trip, but it paid off. This morning i need to start the reapir process, and keep an eye out for Mr Bear.

I brought back.....

20 Rifle Rounds
6 Whetstone
3 Hacksaw
10 MRE
4 Fire striker
30 Coffee

There is a ton more stuff left, however its going to take multiple expeditions to  bring everything back which will each require preparation.

7.00pm -5 (inside), Snow, Gales
RIP Mr Bear - you will not go to waste, Harvest the pelt and gut and got them curing. Will butcher him up tomorrow and start cooking him. Have quite a few MRE's left so will store them until Mr Bear is gone. MRE for dinner and off to bed.


Day 121

7.00am, 1C (Inside), Blizzard
Woke after a nice long sleep to an angry storm howling outside. Butchering Mr Bear might prove problematic.....he is however 10 meters from my porch door, so im sure i can make it work. WIll sit the storm out. I also need to collect wood, i neglected it yesterday and now im out of wood to burn. MRE and coffee for breakfast

02.00am, -5, Clear, Light win
had a productive day, collected a good amount of wood, butchered and cooked Mr Bear and have all clothes back to good as new. Bear for dinner and off to bed. Tomorrow will be casual, eating, sleeping.


Day 122

9.00am, -5, Clear, Light wind
Looks like a fine morning. Scavengers must've taken Mr Bears carcass away. Suits me. Not going to get up to much today.

7.00pm, -5 (Inside) Overcast, light wind
Off to bed, i went out and set two snares so i can start building a supply of cured pelts. Bear for dinner.


Day 123

7.00am, -5 (Inside) Fog, light wind
Time to get up and check my snares.  Wood collection is on the to do list. Also need one more bear pelt, but I'm reluctant to take another animal until all my current meat supply is exhausted.

3.00pm -5 (inside) Calm, light wind
Went out and collected sticks, not much firewood sized pieces around close by, may have to go further tomorrow if no more branches fall. had two rabbits in the snares, i will need to use these first pelts to repair my gloves. Rabbit for dinner with some candy, now off to bed for a long nights sleep.


Day 124

11.00am, -5 (Inside) Clear, Calm
Standing on the porch chewing some cold cooked bear meat and sipping a coffee. Theres so much i have to do, also need to do, but some days can not be bothered doing. Today is one of those days. What i really need to do is keep taking pelts but i cant bring myself to waste the meat. I also need to plan further expeditions to TWM, but cant go through that just yet. It was risky and hard. I could check out Mystery Lake as i havent been there for a long time. Actually that might be the next expedition.

9.00pm, -5 (inside) Clear, light snow
Caught a few more rabbits today, im considering now going to ML on an expedition and focusing on the bearskin bedroll when i come back. Admired the night sky for a while and then off to bed.


Day 125

6.00pm, -5 (inside) Clear, light winds.
Spent the day crafting arrows. Im trying to get toward to the end of my meat supply so i can take the rest with me to ML and not waste any. Bear for dinner and early night.


Day 131



I was on my return from ML and was sleeping in my bedroll in the dam and passed away. I suspect it was temperature related but cannot be sure as i was fully watered and fed prior to sleeping. So ends a saga! Ive learnt alot though and know how i would apply it to my next run

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Day 1

Afternoon, -5 (inside) ??, ??
I woke in a cabin..... im not sure where. The last thing i remember is a plane....then screaming and tearing metal, and titanic noise! and then nothing. Ive found some items, and might explore a bit further to see where i am, and hopefully find somebody!

Evening, -5 (inside, fire) ??, ??
I lost daylight pretty quickly, figured ill stay here. Melted some snow on the stove here and repaired some damage to my clothes....how did that happen? i think i was on a plane that has crashed somewhere. How did i survive?


Day 2

Morning 1C (Inside) Clear, Snow
Setting out this morning after some candy and water. hopefully i can find someone today

Mid morning, -12, -1, Clear, Calm
Heading out on to the frozen lake, i need supplies urgently. Ive seen two dead bodies so far....i, i don't know whats happening.

Evening, -5 (inside) Calm, Clear
Ive hunkered down in a cabin on the lake. Have found some odd bits and pieces but nothing exciting. Candy, jerky and water for dinner and bed.



Day 3

Morning, -5 (inside) Clear, Windy
Woke up hungry. More candy for breakfast. Sounds pretty bad out there, but i cant stay at this cabin, ill just have to brave the wind.

Morning, 1C (Inside) Clear, Gales
Only just got across the lake, that wind was punishingly cold. Ill rest here until the wind breaks. I spied what looks like a tower, im going to try make it there and see if i can find a radio or some help. So far everything electronic is dead, my watch has stopped working and the radios ive found are dead, no light in the cabins. This is like the beginning of a long dark.

Midday -9C(inside, Fire) Calm, Clear
Ive arrived at the tower, have a panoramic view of the area.....and i cant see a thing. I have a bad feeling that im all alone....no i cant think like that. Im going to hold up here tonight, get some sleep and continue on in the morning.



Day 4

Early Morning -5 (Inside) Clear, Strong winds
Today im setting off, hopefully to leave this area for good. I may return, but feel i have mostly everything worth taking. Everybody's dead, the only people ive seen have been corpses. I need to get out here.

Midday, -5 (inside), ?? ??
Ive reached the dam, i was exploring the first room and was attacked by a Wolf! Ive fought him off can hear him lurking somewhere. Actually i think he just died. Sadly Mr Wolf is dinner. Survival of the fittest. Once ive finished with this dam im going to try continue up river.

Evening, -5 (Inside) ?? ??
There are some spooooky noises here in this dam. Im kind of hoping i AM alone now. WIll try get some sleep and push on tomorrow. Candy and water for dinner and off to bed



Day 5

Dawn, -5 (inside) ?? ??
Woke to a cold, dark room. Then i remembered where i am. No point complaining about it, need to just push on. Condensed milk and water. delicious.....

Dusk, -5 Calm, Light wind
Found a radio tower on top of a cliff face. Found a rifle, some more ammunition and coffee and food. My pack is absolutely stuffed to the brim and is very heavy. I spied a farmhouse down in the valley beyond. Ill rest here for tonight and head down there tomorrow. I feel drawn to the place, its like ive been there before.....it looks like....home.



Day 6

Dawn, -30, -21 Blizzard
Ok looks like im here for the morning. WIll get some clothing repair done and hope this storm dies down. Ive heard of survivalist and hunter caches being scattered around this region of the country. Sure would be great to stumble upon one of them. MRE and water for breakfast

Afternoon, -5, (Inside) Calm, light wind.
Well arrived at the homestead. It really does feel like home, but also a bit run down. I think im going to stay here for the time being. Ive collected a fair amount of food, tools and ammunition on my travels, but i still need some more knives and other things. I also need to hunt. For meat, and also for pelts. I have 35 rounds total. Ill take the first 5 and try get 4 wolves. Hopefully at deer kills so i can get more meat and 2 x pelts for one round. Plan for this afternoon is start organising everything, break down some furniture for a wood supply and then tackle a new day. MRE and soda for tea and then it will be off to bed.



Day 7

Morning, -5 (Inside,) Clear, Calm.
Woke up after a decent sleep. Today i will poke around the area and look for any kills. Canned peaches and water for breakfast

After midnight, -5 (inside) Calm, light winds
Today was frustrating. A wolf and deer both required 2 rounds each to put down. I haven't been able to get to the wolf yet, butchering and skinning the deer took longer than anticipated, and was freezing to death by the end. Have cooked all the meat and started to cure the skin and gut. What a waste of ammunition. Hopefully i can get the wolf tomorrow and knock a few more over, with better results! Venison and water and then bed.


Day 8

morning, -5 (inside) Blizzard
Woke to a raging storm this morning. I can safely say there is nothing more satisfying than a warm bed, the knowledge of a full meal to come and the sound of atrocious weather that cant touch you howling outside. Hopefully this wont last, i do have a lot i need to do today. Venison for breakfast.

Evening -5 (inside) Clear, Windy
Managed to get over to the Barn in the other farm. Found no ammunition but a good amount of tools to supplement my growing stock pile. No sign of the wolf i shot yesterday. Heading West tomorrow, will see what i can find. This place seems barren...i fear i may have to strike further afield not to far into the future. I need furs, my winter jack and cargo pants are not providing the warmth i need to survive. They are also requiring a fair about of maintenance, More Venison for dinner and off to bed.



Day 9

Early morning -5 (inside) Clear, Gales
Woke to some cold weather (whats new?)  Venison for breakfast and coffee on the porch and i think i can see deer! It will be worth getting an animal i think, i need the pelt and could use the meat. One round only hopefully.

Late morning, -5 (inside) Clear, strong gales
Well it was a deer, i got a shot off into his chest but he ran, i last saw him crossing the road at the base of the radio hill. Must wait for the wind to die down.

Afternoon, -21, -21, Blizzard
Lucky afternoon. I knocked over a deer about 100 meters into the field, the same way the first deer ran off. I took his skin and gut and have them curing on the porch. I had to warm up with some coffee and when i went back out to search for the second deer he had wandered back and died not far from where i shot him! Took his skin and gut and was caught in a snap blizzard. Its fortunate that i was so close to home with a decent bearing.....if i had gone further past the road i could be dead. Settling down for MRE and water for dinner, then bed. Ill butcher both deer tomorrow afternoon, after ive collected some wood.



Day 10

Pre-Dawn, -5, Clear, Calm
Beautiful star-field in the sky, not a breath of wind. Im going to set out to try find some wood prior to butchering the deer. Venison and water for breakfast and out we go.

Midday, -5 (inside, in bed) Blizzard
Well i collected enough wood and butchered a deer, 10 huge steaks. Nearly died in the process, once i stopped butchering the deer a wind set in and froze me to the bone, barely got back to the house.....so cold. I stood in front of the fire for a long time and cooled the venison. Im going to get into bed and stay there for the next day or two. i suspect its hypothermia. Venison and a herbal tea and off to bed.



Day 11

Later morning, -5,(inside)
Woke up from what felt like the sleep of the dead. Destroyed some venison steaks and gorged on water. Feeling somewhat human again. I might venture out and see whats going on.

Sunset, -5 (inside) Overcast, Strong wind, snow
Well had a very productive day indeed. Found a good supply of wood, enough to cook another deer and then some, also managed to butcher that first deer i shot. The meat is.......aged. I'm sure cooking it will render it safe. Time to cook this meat and then off to bed.


Day 12

Morning -5 (inside) Fog, snow
Woke to an eerie morning. Now that im set for food and some tools and have the beginnings of a new wardrobe curing on the porch, i need to resume my search for some more essentials, like rifle ammunition, whetstones, knives, coffee etc. Ill wait out this fog and see what the morning does. Venison and herbal tea for breakfast.



Day 13

Dawn -5 (inside) Clear, Calm
Spent most of the day sleeping yesterday. Now that im refreshed and the weather looks agreeable im going to push out and explore this area one last time, and then push further afield. Venison for breakfast

Afternoon, 1C (Inside) Blizzard
Well only made it to a group of buildings on either side of a bridge. Found a decent amount of food and medical suppliers, but not ammunition. I think ill hunker here and continue on in the morning. Im going to commit to an expedition to find more ammunition and tools. There is a huge mountain which i think ill tackle another time, it looks cold.... Venison with crackers and water for dinner, then bed



Day 14

Dawn, 1C (Inside) Fog, Calm
Up before first light. Ill have something to eat and drink and will risk it out there in the low light. Will have to be quick, it will be cold outside at this time of the morning.

Dusk, 12 C (Inside, fire) Fog, Calm
I went through an abandoned mine i found and emerged on what appears to be the coast. The weather was turning so i have holed up in an abandoned lookout tower. Will set out again first thing in the morning.



Day 15

Late Afternoon. 1c (inside) Snow, Gales
Well what a day! I set off early towards the townsite i could see down the coast from the tower. There i encountered a few wolves and a bear but managed to scare them off with a few flares. Went through the houses and gas station at the townsite, managed to find a whetstone and around 7 rounds of ammunition. Im currently holed up in a house atop a small knoll out on the ice. There is still a ton of food, im thinking of doing a final sweep as i head back to the valley, ill overload myself with food on the way back. Hopefully my next entry will be when im back in the valley. There i will consolidate, maybe do some hunting for furs and then set out again in another direction. MRE and Soda for dinner, with a candy bar for desert, and then off to bed.

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My food poisoning death was a mistake.  I misunderstood the first aid mechanics, so I didn't take an antibiotic.  Oops!  Still funny though - death by candy bar. ;)  I still eye those bars with suspicion!

And how did that candy bar get food poisoned anyway?  Was it a leftover poisoned Halloween candy from the 80s? :S 

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A note to anyone who reads these entries. I apologise for incorrect spelling and poor instances of grammar. If something is so poorly spelt or written let me know. If you get the gist then I'm satisfied, I just can't be bothered editing it all. Maybe one day, maybe not  



Day 16

Early morning 2C (inside), Mist, calm
I was up about an hour before dusk to set off. I found a few ice fishing huts on the ice, and managed to find an additional two rifle rounds. I was freezing, to the bone by the time i got back to a trailer on the coast. Its strange how you can travel so far before you realise your naked expect for socks. Put all my clothes on and feeling good. Im going to hole up here to warm up and will set off back for the mine.

Late Morning, -3 (inside) Clear, Gales
Back inside the mine. That walk up the hillside ruined me. Will sleep for a few hours, then push on to the valley.



Day 17

Morning, -3 (inside) ?? , ??
Ended up sleeping at the portal to the Valley in the mine. Had some condensed milk, candy and water for breakfast. Ill set out now and hopefully arrive back at the farm by lunch. Feels good to be on the home stretch,

Mid-day, -5 (inside) Fog, Calm
Home sweet home! What a trip. For a shakedown run its shown my clothing needs some serious work. I think i need to make a fur coat as this quality winter coat, while decent, is not cutting it in this sub-zero temperature. Once the wind start blowing its near useless. The trip was moderately successful in terms of supplies. A small amount of food, 15 rifle rounds (plus the 3 still loaded into the rifle), around 4.0L of fuel for the lanterns, flares, fishing gear, a whetstone and a spare bedroll. Oh an also a few sewing kits. I also managed to snag a few maple saplings ill cure on the porch to use. My next step is to regroup, recharge and plan out the coming days. I will need to start taking some wolves for my coat. Ill also need a bow and some arrows as i want to conserve the rifle for self defense or emergency hunting. ALSO ill need to consider my next trip abroad.



Day 18

Dawn -5 (inside) Snowing, wind.
Wow its nice to wake up in a safe place, not freezing or starving or exhausted. Today the weather looks average so ill spend the day starting to make some deerskin boots. I still had venison in the freezer, and since it was cooked prior to me leaving its stil kept surprisingly well. Not surprised the ambient temp is -5 in here. Still it means i don't have to worry about food for the next few days.

Late Morning? -4 (inside) Blizzard
Change of plan. Ive made some snares so i can catch a few rabbit. I think rabbit skin mittens will be very effective in this climate. Plus i can use some of the gut from the rabbit to make my deerskin boots. Still need a good few deer and wolves to make my entire ensemble. Ill head out into the orchard to set up some snares.

Dusk, -5 (inside) Clear, Strong wind.
Popped out for an evening work to the end of the orchard to check the snares. No luck. There were some critters around the snares but they seem wary. Hopefully tomorrow will be more fruitful. Going to have some more venison and then off to bed.



Day 19

Morning -5 (inside) Blizzard
Woke up to crap weather outside. I was hoping to get out and check the snares but this will have to wait. IF there is any catches im sure they will be frozen. Ah well, thats the way the world works. I need to plan out what my next move will be. I may wait out for my maple to cure and craft a bow, however i only have one usable arrow. Or i can start curing the rabbit and gut (if there is any) and head somewhere further afield. I could attack the mountain......no, no im not ready for that yet. Just looking at it in the distance makes me feel tiny and insignificant. I read somewhere in the coastal town of a lighthouse. I think it may heading there next. So, decisions. Head to the light house, or spend some time hunting here.......what to do, what to do.

Mid-Day -5 (inside) Blizzard
The storm still hasn't broken, i risked heading out and found two rabbits in the snares. Around 2 kilos of meat, two good skins and some gut. Ive now got them curing on the porch. Will cook this rabbit and have something to eat. If the storm breaks ill check the snares this afternoon.

Evening -5 (inside) Calm, light ind.
Headed back out to check the snares. Two more rabbits! More pelt and gut to cure. Also have some more meat for the next few days. Will need to head out and hunt some wolf soon. Rabbit for dinner and then bedtime.

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10 hours ago, Seshins said:

A note to anyone who reads these entries. I apologise for incorrect spelling and poor instances of grammar. If something is so poorly spelt who written let me know. If you get the gist then I'm satisfied, I just can't be bothered editing it all. Maybe one day, maybe not  


As a fan fiction writer (as well as general fiction), let me introduce you to an important rule of fiction writing. Never mess with a character's voice. I'm a freak when it comes to spelling and grammar - poor examples are like a slap in the face to me. Yet, when they are in the character's voice, I can accept them, because this is how the character expresses themselves. So because you're writing this in journal format, I take this to be same as dialogue (monologue?) and respect the misspellings and typos and such. So don't apologize for that. 

Now if you had written a scene like this: The wolf started to cross the lake toward Seshins. The lean predator hadn't seen him yet, but Seshins knew that if the wind shifted a little more to the west, the wolf would sense him. -- I would be picking on you! However, as these journal entries are the character speaking, we have to respect the character's voice. So don't worry, you're fine! I'm enjoying reading these entries, BTW. Brings back quite a few memories already.

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Day 20

Morning -5 (inside) Blizzard
Woke tg a stormy morning. Ate the last of my rabbit this morning. They really area meager when it comes to quantity. I may need to get out and hunt. I should look for wolves - they will provide me with meat and fur. Ive got 3 rounds in the rifle and 40 spare. Ill wait out this storm and go hunting.

Dusk, -18, -9 Clear, Light WInd
Well i found a deer carcass, with a wolf chewing on it. I got a shot away into the wolf but dammit he took off. Took the deer skin and gut, will come back to the carcass tomorrow. Im heading up a ridge line into the hills, hopefully i can find somewhere to put my bedroll down before dark and the inevitable storm comes. Very nice looking sky at this time of day.

Night, 12 (Cave, Fire) Clear, Strong wind
Well ive holed up in a cave overnight. Managed to knock over a wolf - was a small wolf though. Have skinned another deer i found so starting to build my reserve of furs and gut. Some peanut butter and wolf meat for dinner....then off to bed. I hope i survive this night......



Day 21

Late afternoon, -5 (inside) ??, Gales
Well, i survived the night! but the morning nearly killed me. I left the cave around an hour before first light....it was clear, calm and PUNISHINGLY cold. My clothing failed me utterly in this case......i was also attacked by a wolf around first light, but he scared off pretty quick, thank f*** i had my knife on me! My pack was very, very heavy, it was such a slog getting back across the frozen river and fields to the farmhouse. Once i got in i made coffee and tea and went to bed. Im pretty sure im suffering from hypothermia right now. Im warm in bed...im going to sleep now.



Day 22

late morning -5 (inside) Blizzard
I woke feeling refreshed and glad to be alive. That herbal tea really soothes. Today i will take stock of what i achieved that trip. MRE for breakfast.

Well for the loss of 4 rifle rounds i have..
2 x deer skins
1 x wolf pelt
6 x gut
1 x storm lantern
1 x rifle
1 x hatchet

Not bad, but not ideal. I need a couple more knives and as many rifle rounds, whetstones, sewing kits and fire making items as i can horde.
Today im going to take it easy, let this blizzard blow out, repair some clothes and then see what the weather does. I may go try knock over some more wolves if i can. I feel bad killing them, especially at the rate i am.....but its live or die, what else can i do?

Afternoon -5 (inside) Overcast, Strong wind, snow
Well the blizzard passed but the weather is still fairly dismal. Ive repaired all my clothes, ive noticed im feeling warmer now which is good, but still need more wolf skin! A bear or two wouldn't go amiss either...i have an idea for a bearskin bedroll. I think it will prove far better than the modern one im using. I think i can hear something walking through the snow in the field. I might go take a look.

Night 12C (Inside, fire) Clear, Light wind
Well i didnt go far, found 3 rabbits in the snares i set a few days ago. I stayed up late into the night to cook the meat...the cold hadnt been easy on it. More pelt and gut though. Rabbit for dinner and bed time.


Day 23

Morning -5 (inside) Fog, Light wind
Nothing much worth doing until vis improves. Will just relax this morning and take what comes today. Rabbit and MRE for breakfast. I miss coffee.

Late Morning, -5 (inside) Clear, Calm
Time to head out, i need more wolf! that is my mission today

Evening, -5 (inside) Clear, strong wind
Well i didnt get a wolf. I found a deer carcass i couldn't pass up, butchered it, subsequently froze to near death. I should be able to make some rabbit skin mittens and deer pants and boots soon so they should help. I also need to find some woolen thermal pants. Venison for dinner and off to bed.



Day 24

Mi-day -5 (inside) Overcast, Gales
Well i spent the morning making a bow. Should do the trick. Im going to need some more saplings for arrow shafts. Just one more thing to add to the list. Once the gut and skins are cured ill craft some mittens, pants and boots. That should provide more effective i think.

Afternoon -5 (inside) Overcast, gales, snow
Well the weather didn't break. Stayed in and cooked the remaining venison. Will spend the day inside and wait for this turn of bad weather to pass. Just as i write this i can see its turn into a full blown blizzard outside. Ah well, ive got plenty to eat and drink and no appointments to keep. I do need wood too. Here's my to do list

1. Wolf pelt
2. Wood
3. Crating
.4. Woolen thermals
5. Gathering ammo, tools
6. Hunting
7. Survive

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Day 25

Evening -5 (inside) Blizzard
Nothing really to report today. Made my deer boots, took far longer than i thought it would! Will do my mittens and pants when the gut has finished curing. MRE and soda and bed.



Day 26

Dawn, -5 (inside) Clear, Gales
Woke to another cold morning. I need to get out and get some wood. After that ill look for wolf.

Mid-day 12C (Inside, fire) Overcast, strong wind
Well boiled me a nice supply of water and had some of my stored food. Jerky, candy and tomato soup for lunch. Im going to head out and see what i can find.

Night -5 (inside) Clear, snowing
What a productive day! I found a wolf feeding on a deer, managed to down him with a single shot. Took his skin, pelt and meat, and then skinned and gutted the deer, ill go back for its meat tomorrow. On my way out i was ambushed by another wolf but took him down with the rifle, skinned and gutted him. I think i only need one more and i can make my jacket. Found a good supply of wood which should last me the next day or so. MRE for dinner and bed.



Day 27

Late morning -5 (inside) Overcast, snow
Well i cooked the wolf from last night, im going to head out to harvest that deer and get more wood. Hopefully this weather holds.

Mid-day -23, -1 Overcast, snow
Had to butcher the deer under the nose of a bear patrolling in the wilderness. On my way back i could see him loitering at the other end of the orchard....i hope he doesnt come to investigate the house in the night. Going to cook up this venison and call it a day.



Day 28

Dawn -5 (inside) Overcast, calm.
Woke to a red dawn - will spend today crafting i think. Venison for breakfast and down to the workshop i go.



Day 29

Morning, 12C (inside, fire) Blizzard
Well i worked all through out the night and produced some pants and mittens. They are a vast improvement over my modern clothing. Im looking forward to this wolf skin coat, it should enable me to travel further for longer. Im absolutely shattered, time for something to eat and bed i think.



Day 30

Dawn, -5 (inside) Fog, Calm
Had a good sleep, now awake and raring to go, but the weather is against me. WIll wait it out this morning, have some breakfast and think about my next move.

Mid-day -18, -4 Overcast, Light wind
Bear! I found myself near on face to face with a bear. I managed to get a shot into him and he charged me down. I let off my last round and he took off. I need to find a blood trail, hes really moving.

Mid-night -5 (inside) Clear, light wind, snow
After tracking all day he finally died around 50 meters in front of me.  I spent the rest of the afternoon butchering him completely. Ive now got a skin, a lot of gut to cure and easily 30 kgs of meat. So much meat in fact i had to leave half of it behind. Will rest up and go out first thing to get the rest of the meat and some wood to cook it all.



Day 31

mid-day -5 (inside) Overcast, Gales
Went out and collected the bear meat, there was more than i thought, Now i need to go find some fire wood, but the weather ssnt very agreeable. May wait until the weather clears before i go out looking for wood.

Afternoon -5 (inside) Fog, light wind.
Well i set out for firewood and managed to scrounge up a decent load. 9 logs of cedar, and 3 of fir. Im pretty tired so i will relax for the rest of the day and cook all the bear tomorrow.



Day 32

Sunset, -5 (inside) Clear, Calm
10 hours to cook that bear. I went through all the wood i had collected, but now the fridge is nearly packed with meat. I imagine it will keep me going for the next week. Im going to go check the pass that i think leads to that mountain tomorrow, weather permitting, and see what i find. Bear for dinner and off to bed.



Day 33

Dawn -5 (inside) Overcast, Snowing
Hmm looks pretty miserable outside. If it clears i will go on my trek to the NW. Bear for breakfast,

Late morning -5 (inside) Overcast, Gales, snow
Well ive holed up in a small cabin out in the woods. I need to wait for this storm to die out. Hopefully it isnt long, i didnt bring that much meat with me.

Mid-day -5 (inside) Blizzard
f***. The situation is starting to look dangerous. If i got locked in with a two or three day blizzard ive got two options. Brave the storm and the cold and hope i make it back to the farmhouse, or two, starve and die. Decisions decisions.

Afternoon? -5 (inside) Blizzard
Well hasnt blown out. I may sleep here the night and see how the morning fares. Im still not very hungry and have two bear steaks so i should be ok up until tomorrow afternoon.


Day 34

Afternoon, 12C (inside, fire) ??, ??
Well i found a cave to hole up in tonight. Today was fairly productive. Found some more rifle ammunition, a whetstone , survival bow and arrow and matches. Plus some food but im consuming it as i go.. I harvested some young birch saplings ill cure to use as arrow shafts. Jerky and crackers for tea and off to bed in front of a nice hot fire.



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Day 35

Morning, -5 (inside) Overcast, Strong winds
Made it home, seems like i was just in front of a bad weather front. Today will be a relax day, maybe repair some clothes, sharpen my tools, clean the rifle and check on the furs and gut.

Afternoon -5 (inside) Overcast, Light wind
Spent the afternoon repairing and filling my spare storm lanterns. Now ive got 3, with 2 fueled and ready to go. Bear meat for dinner and then bed. I need one more wolf, might try nail one with my bow.



Day 36

Morning-5 (inside) Overcast, Gales
Plan is to get some wood, and maybe a wolf. Waiting until the weather clears.

Mid-day -5 (inside) Clear, light wind
Huzzah! Got the final wolf pelt i need. It would be nice to be able to take a few more for repair purposes, so i will need to continue actively hunting the wolves. Still have a ton of bear meat, will need to keep an eye on  its quality as the days go by. I also found a good amount of fir, so im set for a few days. Now i need to try stay ahead and onto of my supply of wood and food. Expedition to think about.


Day 37

Afternoon, -5 (inside) Overcast, Light wind
Well ive decided it - when this last wold pelt has cured ill make this coat and set off for the lighthouse. I believe i can find useful gear out there so need to risk it. Ive got enough bear to cover me for the next 8 days or so. Hopefully i can have it done within that time.



Day 38 - Day 43

Nothing to report - waiting on wolf pelt to cure.

 General chores, clothing repair, eating and sleeping


Day 44

Evening -5 (inside) Clear, wind
Well after waiting all week ive finally crafted my wolf skin coat. My furs are so much warmer then my modern clothing. Come morning i will get straight into it and set off for the lighthouse. Im on the last of the bear and need to get moving after such a delay.



Day 45

Late morning -5 (inside) Clear, Calm.
Its now time to set off. Ive got firewood ready for my eventual return, all furs on, 5 rounds of rifle ammo and sharpened tools. I hope i return from this.....ive got a funny feeling about it.

Evening -5 (inside) ??, ??
Well made it to the mine safely. WIll sleep just beyond the portal to the coastal highway. MRE and soda for dinner.



Day 46

Morning -5 (inside) Clear, Calm
Managed to make good progress towards the end of the coast. Currently sifting through a small house, on a knoll on the side of the highway, Will have some candy and crackers for lunch and push on.

Afternoon 1C (inside) ??, ??
Well im about to emerge in the area the lighthouse is in. Hopefully this pays off....

Late afternoon 1C (inside) Overcast, Gales
Well i made it, was much easier than i thought., So far the trip has been worth it, ive acquired 12 extra rifle rounds. There isnt much else i care for at the lighthouse so i will push around the industrial complex further around the coast in the morning.



Day 47

Morning -4 (inside) ??, ??
Well i made it to the facility i saw. After poking around i take it to be an old whaling station or something similar. Ive achieved what i set out to for this trip. I have found the following items of interest.

16 x rifle rounds
2 x whetstones
1 x knife
10 x cups of coffee

I also found a shipwreck with what appears to be an old boiler. I bet with some coal and fir timber i could get ti hot enough to melt steel - this would be invaluable to make some more arrowheads and even i knife. Will rest here tonight and start the slog back home.

Afternoon -17, -3 Blizzard
Well i was hoping to make progress back towards the coast but a blizzard has rolled in. Im outside but sheltered in the entrance to the warehouse. Might wait and see if i can find a gap and push out.



Day 48

Dawn -5 (inside) Clear, Snowing
Well the storm blew out about an hour before first light. Im going to make some breakfast and set out as soon as the light allows.

Late afternoon -3 (inside) Blizzard
Ive made it as far as the coast, before a blizzard broke and i had to seek shelter. I was fortunate to pass the small settlement on the coast, so have holed up in the two story house there. Ill have some dinner and set out in the morning for the valley. Salty crackers and soda for dinner



Day 49

Dawn -3 (inside) Fog, Calm.
Time to set off this morning. Wish me luck...whoever reads this. It will be a hard journey. MRE for breakfast with a coffee and im off.

Late Morning, -19, -5, Clear, Calm
Emerged from the mine into the valley, and what a glorious day it is! I can see the farmstead in the distance, will take my time and make my way home. My pack is stuffed to the brim and then some!

Early Afternoon, -5 (inside) Clear, Calm
Home sweet home! Typically after leaving the mine portal high up on the mountain side, a very strong gale started to blow, coming from the south (the direction i was heading) until i was mere minutes away from home when it blew out. The haul for this latest venture is as follow.

19 rifle rounds (that makes 5 loaded and 53 spare)
1 x arrow
1 x wolf pelt
1 x birch sapling
2 x whetstone
1 x lantern
1 x knife
1 x rifle cleaning kit
6 x flares.
All in all a reasonably productive trip, that should serve me well as i focus on improving my accuracy with the bow and hunting for meat and fur. Tonight i will have a delicious dinner of peanut butter and sardines, washed down with water.

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