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  1. Hi, I had this problem on Linux because I tried to use the Nouveau open source driver for my Nvidia graphics card. After changing to the proprietary Nvidia driver everything loaded normally.
  2. An arrow to the chest area whilst crouching stops them running away ūüėČ
  3. Don't make my mistake, I left all the suitcases at the crash site but when I came back they were empty. I really wanted to do repairs after weeks on the mountain explorinjg. Thankfully I had left all the chairs with cloth coverings in Desolate Point (2 cloths each)
  4. Hmmm. 3 wires leave the Dam and 3 wires enter the Prison area..... is this a clue to the direction of the prison complex? Do the wires leaving the Dam go towards the Prison perhaps? I've tried to get a better view from the rocks in the Winding River but didn't get much. It did make me think the Prison could be North of Mystery lake when you are looking at the 'Great Bear ' map. That would put it neatly between Pleasant Valley and Mountain Town, both of which have ready made access points........ All the other areas seem to heve one wire connections. 'Bobsdecline' on youtube does make men