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  1. polar bear should be the same occurance as a moose, but the catch is that it only spawns in one region, but the only region it occurs in should be randomized like loot tables and it should oneshot you but the furs should craft new pants and new boots. the pants should be +4.5C +7C windproof, 20% protection, 95% waterproof, 2.5 kg, and should cost 3 cured gut, 1 cured polar bear hide. the boots should be 4+C, 6+C windproof, 25% protection, 99% waterproof, 3kg, should cost 2 cured gut and 1 polar bear hide. the description for the pants should be: Polar bears like to take a dive in freezing cold
  2. i used a revolver in a wolf struggle on stalker
  3. Definitely the Quonset garage in coastal highway, downside of wolves and the bear. It has quick access to multiple ice fishing huts, unlike most regions which you can only rely on snares, problem is, rabbit meat has super super low calorie count. Fish can vary, and it's usually very filling, in addition to the heavy supply of lamp oil from fish. Quonset garage is also in a region which you can beachcomb for supplies which can keep you alive forever, bullets, birch and maple saplings for bows and arrows, flare shells for the distress pistol, coal to forge, cloth and a cap for a never ending lim
  4. i really want blackrock to be really hard to get into. In survival mode, there should be a key in bleak inlet cannery that opens a secret hatch in hushed river valley similar to prepper cache in pleasant valley and mystery lake. Then that hatch has a prison guard corpse who has a key card that can unlock the gates to blackrock during aurora. Blackrock should have an ammunition workbench, a normal workbench, a forge, tons of storage, beds, milling machine, and amazing loot. Then the blackrock region should have a delta or anywhere where you can beachcomb and have an ice fishing hut for the best