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  1. Thank you all so much for your helpful tips and comments! I went back in last night to check on what @UTC-10 had mentioned about having treated the affliction as well as resting through it. I remember doing so immediately after being trampled—I went running toward the nearest rock as fast as my trampled legs could take me and did the treatments there! But when I checked last night I only had one check mark beside the bandage icon and nothing beside the pain pills. Evidently I never took any pain medication, or the game didn't register my taking it. That seems odd so it might be tha
  2. So a while ago I was playing TLD and took on my first ever moose! I play on Pilgrim because I'm a weenie and have hardly fired the rifle so it was a LONG battle - but I finally got him! In the struggle I was trampled...BUT I LIVED! I decided to hang out up on Marsh Ridge and let the hide cure in the cave while I nursed my wounds. The hide is now about 60% done and I should be all healed up... But I'm not. The counter says 1 out of 120 hours left and it's been saying that for going on two in-game days. I've slept, I passed the time, I've done it all. This injury is preventing me fro
  3. Personally I prefer the written version of the Milton Mailbag. I miss reading it weekly! But I understand how that could be (and is) a difficult commitment to stick to, especially now. I would be super happy with a Monthly Milton Mailbag (and look at that alliteration!) that stayed true to the original written format. You could still answer fewer questions to keep it from 1) being too long of a read and 2) taking up hours and hours of your time!
  4. selachias

    Salt & Jerky

    Very cool idea! I've played another survival game where you can salt meats and make jerky and it used a similar system to what you're suggesting -- fewer calories but the meat lasts basically forever. With TLD's weight restrictions, having lighter food is always preferable to carrying around big deer/wolf/bear steaks (at least in my opinion). This would be a really neat addition.
  5. I'm pretty new to steam and gaming in general, so this might be a silly question, but... In getting the achievements for The Long Dark on steam, do they all need to happen in a single survival mode playthrough? For example, I wanted to get the Pacifist achievement but I did some fishing on Mystery Lake. Can I still get the Pacifist achievement on a different survival mode save? Also, thank you for making such an incredibly challenging and enjoyable game. I love every minute of playing it.