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  1. I close my eyes every time I click the "kill" button on the bunnies. I can't watch the actual moment. I love the game's artwork and I already don't want it to change from this paint-like appearance. But for the sake of my emotional responses, I'm DEFINITELY glad it's not photo-realistic when it comes to killing bunnies. ūüė≥
  2. My wife found this game at Goodwill last year! We tried playing it a few times on vacation and died brutally in about three turns. I hope you had better success with it. We barely made it 1/6 across the board!
  3. DP is my favorite, so far, too. I've only started in Mountain Town, Mystery Lake, Coastal Highway, and DP. It took me until day 5 or so of my current run (day 7, as of right now, maybe?) to realize I could get down from my lighthouse perch without crossing all the bridges and ridges. It's tricky, but I like the descent/ascent path on the little island before this one. That said, after switching from the easiest mode to this custom variant of the easiest, and allowing animals to attack me, I've realized I will occasionally lose a day to recovery here and there. I trekked out on day 4 to reach the mainland from the lighthouse and got jumped by a wolf on the second island. It did NOT go well. I recovered eventually, but I lost a whole day to that fiasco. Regardless, I still love DP. There's a bear out here somewhere that's gonna be fun to deal with...