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  1. Heya everyone! After receiving a bunch of encouragement from The Long Dark’s subreddit, I’m going to start work on a fanfic series: Aurora Infernum. This story will focus on the effects of the Geomagnetic Storm on the rest of the world, where the main characters have to survive the Quiet Apocalypse as its effects bring society to its knees. Survival will be a key focus, but this time nature isn’t your only enemy. I’ll be posting links to the chapters here as I write them. Feel free to ask me questions about what I intend the story to include. I hope y’all will enjoy reading this as m
  2. Hey everyone! I'm SethmoJaeger, a new face to the forums but not a new face to TLD. I love this game. It's the best survival game I've ever played! I also love Tabletop RPGs like D&D. That got me thinking...Would it be possible to blend the two, and would anyone even want to play it? This would be a passion project that would be completely free for y'all to use. I don't want to make money off of Hinterland's success. So, what do you think?