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  1. I am wondering what's with the new aiming system for rifles? I've literally recorded myself shooting a few hundred rounds out of the rifle and studied the footage, gone through frame by frame to see my sight picture and my point of impact on shots missed and the very few that have landed and it doesn't seem consistent. As if shooting even when something is dead in the irons at 5 ft is like having to roll a hit chance dice...the game for me has become viturally unplayable since the patch for the simple reason I cannot hunt or defend myself anymore with any consistently or with any efficacy. Keep in mind this is save scumming restarts with 100% rifle and human condition, 2 hunting books complete +10% feat with a seasoned player. Easily taken over 100+ shots since the update.
  2. If i shoot without a target, it looks like the rounds are dead on. I line it that up with a deer, round lands behind the deer on the hill side. Impossible to miss shots on charging wolfs from point blank.. so frustrated.
  3. Got back into TLD hard over the last few weeks. Really enjoying it until the last update. At first i thought the new aiming system looked great and couldn't wait to try it. Couldn't of been more frustrating then trying to hit things with the previous rifle aiming system/sight picture which i had gotten pretty proficient at regardless. I finally got a rifle on a new game, tons of ammo. I read two entire books on hunting + 10% skill bonus feat, rifles 100% condition, Im well fed and rested, full stamina, light load out, daylight, easy weather, ready to hunt!! 50 shots later im ready to stop playing TLD after loving it for the last few weeks. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction but unless im missing something the new rifle aiming system is the most ridiculous experience ive ever had in a game with first person shooting. I've fired on the same wolves and deer from as possibly close as you can get to them over two dozen times and failed to hit every time, the rounds even appear to hit the ground directly behind the deer but no hit, no blood... I've adjusted my aim to see if maybe it was my misunderstanding of how the sights were suppose to be designed but no. I resorted to save scumming to attempt to figure out wtf is going on. I've literally shot over 50+ rounds and failed to hit anything from wolves charging me a foot away to the broad side of a buck from 10 ft away. What am i missing here?