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  1. Extra time lying on the floor too weak to do anything?
  2. Yeah i stopped playing when some bloody wolves and a bear would attack me everytime with the most North Western survivor i think
  3. I mean in a real life situation i wouldn't risk my life for a little bottle of insulin that would run out within a fortnight, then what happens to the diabetic? We can assume the geological winter was already happening before Astrid came into the region, thus the same thing that occurred with the passenger plane. Even if there were multiple weeks of insulin left it'd be very risky and time consuming to search every nook and cranny for that one bag. I was pissed having to go to the crash site like 3 times ūü§£ Anyway it could be easily replaced to another mission such as collecting clothes or something up there for the survivors. I appreciate your reply.
  4. What's this got to do with my common sense comment
  5. I do not think we should have our time wasted to go on an insulin run, because on reality you are just delaying the inevitable (insulin runs out - dead anyway). Maybe change this to carry the victim to some spot Father knows and 'humanely' kill (him or her, i forgot). It would still be roughly the same amount of time. Note, i got sick of playing after the missing person mission so i don't know if something happened to the diabetic after this.
  6. I know this is a very gruesome and disgusting thing but in a survival situation like this, when you want to do any to survive, could this be a possibility? There are heaps of corpses lying around
  7. What are some new additions you would like in the game?
  8. They are under the hood, maybe spawned incorrectly
  9. Just looks like a battery to me
  10. While navigating the menu (where i can change what i'm wearing, look in inventory etc) sometimes the game gets frozen after i click something (either a clothing item or something from my inventory) for around 30 seconds. The game would then close the inventory and be back to normal. I have experienced this 3 times
  11. I think having multiplayer will make this game much more fun. Also adding more maps would be brilliant. Maybe create a DLC that adds another story to the game (including maps) maybe even moving to a different wilderness (desert?).