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  1. oh my godness i hoarted tons of coal(30) and kilotons of cedar
  2. went all the way back from ML to CL and searched the two house(last 3 houses one burned down, right? no revolver just a john doe with a hatched. where exactly did u find it?
  3. no c. fever , at least for a week
  4. can u still catch fish? tried for 5 hours - no success looks like the revolver is "the blue flower", nowhere to be found but to believe in its existence somewhere anyone notice a blocking wall in the transition tunnel(on the railroad) from mystery lake to forlong meskeg? got it from a post: It's only CH ML MT and PV does this render f.m. into a pocket/dead end or did i missed a change of the world??
  5. 4 regions - 8 caches 98 bullets - but no revolver 😥 does anyone came across one?
  6. first:thanks Dev team for this lovely event