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  1. is possible that after a certain amount of maple syrups found all the other ones disappear? I've been now through 5 additional regions (BI, MT, BR, TM and CH) without finding any, not a single one? And in Mountain Town i looked EVERYWHERE. Got over 200 Round, found my Survivor sometimes dreaming about automatic weapons.
  2. Yes and... Difficulty per se does not make a more enjoyable or more better game experience in my opinion, while there are some games(From Software Games, Cuphead) that are based on you feeling successful in beating them. For me it is the variance and what i could best describe as good game Design, the way game points to a task or "talks to me" and the way a have to find out what needs to be done and how. For Example you find animals bones in a Cave you immediately know this Cave is inhabited or along a Path of a Predator(Bear mostly) the danger is readable. When I entered TWM I already adjusted my gameplay to things i would never ever do in an interloper run: It was night and snowing at the "Wing"(first containers) and i heard a Moose, only with took my Gun. But Hey 50 rounds so I decided yeah go for it. Hit him 3 or 4 times when the Blizzards start he trampled me, But Hey i got 7 Stims lets see who's last man standing. Put 20 rounds from a far distant into him probably only one hit, got trampled again, now i started to daisy chain stims. But Oh no all that noise made the Bear from around the corner have look whats going on, so i got jumped by a Bear, a certain end on any looper run. But the Power of Stims saved me. So i was able to hit the Bear and send him into "running away" mode went after the Moose again and got trampled 3 more Times but in the end managed to take him down - completely lost orientation- What a fight, my heart was pumping while i tried to find my way to a near Cave it was Dark the Blizzard made everything look the same, my health where on the last bit, my Lantern near empty but i managed to get into a Cave aaand i did it, Yes 300 hours of broken Rips to heal. But Hey i was alive and happy.
  3. same here - double lootable, no sirup toons of MRE's i took the "long way up" as usual and enjoyed the journey even the Blizzard thanks to my Bearcoat, Deerpants and Rabbitcloth, got only 1 Firestriker 97% but i dont want to burn down the hole Country :-)
  4. thanks for the great event coming back feels gameplaywise like coming "home" and as Pathfinder mentioned the balance feels, great it emphasis the "situational awareness" feature that is so unique to the game. look like tomato chips are the level one -easy task and Maple Syrup are the level two -advanced task great Work
  5. thanks - love to see a video dev blog like format Are there any Plans for a TLD2? p.s. another thought that came to my Mind recently: with Your Game frequently discussed on Rock Paper Shotgun and Kotaku, have You ever considered inspiring Jason Schreier to write an Article about Game studios that are doing it "right"? I have read so many Articles about Devs crunching and replacing whole Teams and whatever the list is long that when ever i read about the Way you handle your Development and Team that i think: Yes and i can even see that in the Game itself. And with the "bad" Image of the Game Industrie in General, a positive Counterweight, that You are in my Opinion that would be nice. thank You (sry for my bad language)
  6. oh my godness i hoarted tons of coal(30) and kilotons of cedar
  7. went all the way back from ML to CL and searched the two house(last 3 houses one burned down, right? no revolver just a john doe with a hatched. where exactly did u find it?
  8. no c. fever , at least for a week
  9. can u still catch fish? tried for 5 hours - no success looks like the revolver is "the blue flower", nowhere to be found but to believe in its existence somewhere anyone notice a blocking wall in the transition tunnel(on the railroad) from mystery lake to forlong meskeg? got it from a post: It's only CH ML MT and PV does this render f.m. into a pocket/dead end or did i missed a change of the world??
  10. 4 regions - 8 caches 98 bullets - but no revolver 😥 does anyone came across one?
  11. first:thanks Dev team for this lovely event