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  1. I find this route to be the best way to loot most of the map (save the fisherman's cabin and such) and get out as soon as possible with minimal backtracking and prep required.
  2. So for starters, Ash Canyon is not like Hushed River Valley. There's an actual reason to go out there and brave its difficult landscapes. The two major finds here are the Crampons and the Technical Backpack that always spawn in the same location 100% of the time. Case in point, the technical backpack does not take up an inventory space and adds a flat +5KG to carry weight. This can be combined with a moose hide satchel and the 'Well Fed' buff for +15 KG carrying capacity (15!!) (Three extra rifles worth of capacity!!!!) The crampons add +10 defense and make you take, from my estimation
  3. Oh, that's the easy. The haunted Carter Hydro dam. That place is cursed, I'm telling you. Metal straining doesn't make the same 'bump, bump, bumpbumpbump' sound repeatedly. Something is *in* that dam, I'm telling you. And whatever it is, it isn't good.
  4. Been having great fun with the event but sometimes the weather borders on absurdity. I've made my mid-game trek to bleak inlet to stock up on a billion rifle rounds doing the max-smithing cheese, and while the region isn't impossible to navigate by any means it's just a bit cheesy. I have a bad habit of over preparing massively, so when I get stuck in a shack for two straight days of blizzards, with only periodic breaks between another multi hour blizzard, I just feel a bit annoyed and delayed more than anything. Which of course, goes double for waiting for an aurora to get into the cannery.
  5. I weep for all the arrowheads that stick into a timberwolf that runs off the map and falls into the ocean.
  6. Oh right I forgot to mention this area! The safest path through here I've found is just sticking to the left (approaching from the cannery) for as long as possible and avoiding the ice like it's lava. Eventually you'll stumble on the hunting blind that marks the exit. There's two warm caves along the left wall that are enough to get your temperature back. Or, if you want to be super over prepared like me, make sure you're carrying enough supplies for a snow shelter lol.
  7. This is more or less my professional how-to guide for surviving Bleak Inlet. In my opinion, this place is far, FAR harder than Hushed River Valley. And I was *just* playing on voyager. Honestly, if you're playing on interloper, steer well the heck clear of this entire region. Two-shotted by unblockable or avoidable wolf attacks, RIP. It might be worth it on Stalker for the bullets, but again, PREPARE. Step 1- Preparation. REQUIRED! 1-Revolver, plus at least twenty rounds 2-Multiple days worth of food (firewood is plentiful enough to boil water, but winging a wolf with the
  8. Are these all of the issues you're aware of or just the ones you're fixing next?
  9. Not yet, I think. At least not on ps4, I'm spamming the check for update button lol.
  10. I always carry a fresh gut. One gut can be used as a wolf distraction without having to worry about losing calories. Useful if you need to get somewhere and don't have time to play cat and mouse with a woofer. Just drop a gut and he completely loses interest in you. It saved my life a few times, when there's been a wolf between me and an indoor building in a blizzard and I don't have the condition for a struggle.
  11. Seconded! Maybe part of the reason I avoid the dam like the plague is all the death. I'd like to make it a little more homey by giving those poor sods a proper burial. Or at least chuck em all in a supply closet somewhere I don't have to see them.
  12. I have another question, thank you for your reply. It's about the genre that The long Dark is. I'll explain. An experience I'll never forget; I think I was only two days into the game at this point, so I was a little survival whelp with no idea how not to die. Travelling through broken railroad in fog so thick it was like a choking blanket of white, lantern out trying to see farther. There is no soundtrack, there is just the whistle of wind and the crunch of snow under my boots. I am sufficiently spooked to say the least. I never even see the bear. I just hear the growl. I screamed
  13. One thing (as an American, lol) I always appreciate in games are firearm sound effects and reload animations. The bullet-by-bullet animation of the rifle remains one of my favorites ever. The satisfying clink of brass hitting brass, sometimes I unload my rifle drop a bullet and reload it again just for that sound. I do tend to fidget with my weapon out in this game, unloading it and reloading it as I walk to have something to do with my hands. Aiming every few seconds just cause. Especially with the flaregun, I cock and uncock that thing maybe a hundred times each time I go walking.