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  1. I weep for all the arrowheads that stick into a timberwolf that runs off the map and falls into the ocean.
  2. Oh right I forgot to mention this area! The safest path through here I've found is just sticking to the left (approaching from the cannery) for as long as possible and avoiding the ice like it's lava. Eventually you'll stumble on the hunting blind that marks the exit. There's two warm caves along the left wall that are enough to get your temperature back. Or, if you want to be super over prepared like me, make sure you're carrying enough supplies for a snow shelter lol.
  3. This is more or less my professional how-to guide for surviving Bleak Inlet. In my opinion, this place is far, FAR harder than Hushed River Valley. And I was *just* playing on voyager. Honestly, if you're playing on interloper, steer well the heck clear of this entire region. Two-shotted by unblockable or avoidable wolf attacks, RIP. It might be worth it on Stalker for the bullets, but again, PREPARE. Step 1- Preparation. REQUIRED! 1-Revolver, plus at least twenty rounds 2-Multiple days worth of food (firewood is plentiful enough to boil water, but winging a wolf with the revolver will seldom kill it. And they will sprint across the entire map when hurt, they don't limp like normal wolves. Don't count on getting anything back from fighting them.) 3-Plentiful medical supplies. Bandages and antiseptic is your main thing. Rarely will you get bitten enough to cause bleeding, but when it does, the wolves don't stop attacking while you bandage up. Be quick. 4-A defense rating of around thirty. Military pants/boots/coat are cheap to repair and have high DEF. There's enough shelters not to worry about the cold. 5-A moose hide satchel and being well-fed. I don't know how I would have survived without that satchel. 6-The usuals, a knife and hatchet. Leave the lantern since you can just chain torches from a fire of a few sticks. 7-spent shell casings. There's plenty of gunpowder in BI but not enough casings. Shoot some wolves first. 8-lead, or a hacksaw. There's plenty of car batteries around the cannery but it'll save you time if you're carrying a few pounds of pre-made led. Nice, but not required. 1-A second climbing rope, it is heavy but increadibly useful. You can climb back up to the plateau with it. Find the tie-off rock next to the fire-watch tower. However it is not required. You can 'skyrim' your way down the cliff. First, face the climbing rock. Go to the right, there's a snow-covered ledge. Follow that, crouch, and inch your way down the rocks. Keep moving to the right, safely and slowly. Eventually you will find a little snow-ledge with some art bugs. From there, you can see beneath the ground but the ground is solid. It's easy to walk down the snowdrift from here, as long as you are crouching and careful. 2- smithing skill books. You can grind gun smithing very easily by just making seven hundred bullets from car batteries. I recommend you do this, actually. So when you make actual ammo, you get better quality. 3- Marine Flares. Technically they can deter timberwolves, but you generally want them not alive rather than deterred. They can be handy but don't count on them. I tried to cheese the game by dropping one at my feet and shooting from inside the blue fire. Apparently it only works if you hold it in your hand or throw it. RIP dying light strat There's an exit to forlorn muskeg on the opposite side of the cannery you will approach from. You won't get stuck. For the love of all that is holy do NOT go into this region unless you've gotta gun and twenty bullets. Twenty is enough to be safe, but having more couldn't hurt. Timberwolves lose morale in survival mode a lot faster than in story, thank you Ralph. Three shots from a revolver was enough to disperse every pack I ran across. However, shooting two wolves will eventually kill them, and timberwolves will never attack (at least, not as a pack) if there is only one timberwolf. If there's a pack of timberwolves at a choke point you cannot avoid (like below the firewatch tower) it is better to kill them outright. Otherwise, timberwolves will attack again after one day has passed. 1- Start from the Ravine entrance. IE: rope climb down from the train cars. 2-shoot timberwolves at forest lookout. Go for killshots but if they don't die it's whatever. 3-if you have it, hook your rope to the climbing rock 4-rest in tower if needed. 5-pick up the note from the desk in the radio hut. It looks like the hut from signal hill. It doesn't show up in your inventory and you don't need to remember the code that's on it, just pick it up. 6-booty-scoot your way down the cliffside, or climb down. 7-there's timberwolves here because of course there are. Use more gun. Don't forget to pick up your spent casings. 8-you should see a cabin on the waterfront. Stop there for supplies and a rest. and refill your condition. 9- head toward the long bridge in the morning. There's a bear here, but man, it's so easy to avoid them compared to the timberwolves. 10- the cannery is guarded by more timberwolves. Introduce them to your freedom stick. There's a trailer you can rest in but if you didn't shoot at least two wolves they will be back in the morning. 11- There's a rope climb section coming up. But there's a broken staircase in the building closest to the cannery. You can drop something on the floor there and reach it from the catwalk, if you want to take something with you but are too encumbered to carry it. Like a gun or a car battery or a bigger gun. 12- the rope parkour section is pretty simple. Do it, and despair that there is no jump button. Just kinda akwardly fall onto things beneath you. 13-you've made it to the cannery! You can use the ammo bench without an aurora, but the lathe requires one. Spend your time crafting bullets and gunpowder (you only need a small fire in the ammunition forge. It doesn't have to be a certain temperature.) until the aurora. You need some scrap metal to fix your gun and tools, but luckily there's plenty of metal shelves and such around. 14- notice another revolver beneath a pallet. You cannot reach it, and for some reason you cannot break the pallet down with a hatchet. If only you could duel wield. 15- there should be plenty of supplies around for bullet-making. I found some gunpowder, and enough to make even more gunpowder. 1 single can of gunpowder will give you fifty (50!!!) bullets. Assuming you have the cases and the lead. 16- if you didn't drop a rope down, or you have so much gear you can't climb it, you can exit the region by following the road left from the cannery to its end. On the broken bridge, look right and you'll see a muskeg-like area with snow over ice. Scoot down from the bridge and head that way. Look for the hunting blind, the exit is around there. And make sure you're carrying a gun! There's timberwolves here too because why not. Try to fight the temptation to go back and make the ammo you just wasted, and leave with your new arsenal. I'm not sure if timberwolves respawn after a certain amount of days. I really hope not. If they don't, that may make this region a survivable base. I would adore it if once you took them out, a normal wolf would spawn in their place. Still, as long as you were willing to abuse the free repairs during the aurora, you might be able to do it now. For your sake, I hope that bear at the end of the bridge respawns quickly. I would also really love like, being able to place a plank down to skip the parkour section after you've done it once. That seems like such an obvious thing there might already be a way to do it that I just haven't seen. Mainly because it's increadibly tedious carrying tons of animal meat with you and having to go up and down that rope. Even that staircase trick will need a few goes to get it all since there's just so much meat you're dropping. As it stands now, your main objective is to get into this region, get what you need, and get out ASAP. You do not know the relief of dealing with timberwolves for so long, then leaving into the muskeg and getting chased by a normal wolf. It is a walk in the park compared to timberwolves, and you will never curse a wolf for attacking you again. Even as you're slowly bleeding out from his attack, you can take comfort in the knowledge that you died because of a mistake you made. Not undodgeable, unavoidable hellhound nonsense. I hope this helps! Certainly this region is quite a bit different than anything we've gotten before.
  4. Are these all of the issues you're aware of or just the ones you're fixing next?
  5. Not yet, I think. At least not on ps4, I'm spamming the check for update button lol.
  6. I always carry a fresh gut. One gut can be used as a wolf distraction without having to worry about losing calories. Useful if you need to get somewhere and don't have time to play cat and mouse with a woofer. Just drop a gut and he completely loses interest in you. It saved my life a few times, when there's been a wolf between me and an indoor building in a blizzard and I don't have the condition for a struggle.
  7. Seconded! Maybe part of the reason I avoid the dam like the plague is all the death. I'd like to make it a little more homey by giving those poor sods a proper burial. Or at least chuck em all in a supply closet somewhere I don't have to see them.
  8. I have another question, thank you for your reply. It's about the genre that The long Dark is. I'll explain. An experience I'll never forget; I think I was only two days into the game at this point, so I was a little survival whelp with no idea how not to die. Travelling through broken railroad in fog so thick it was like a choking blanket of white, lantern out trying to see farther. There is no soundtrack, there is just the whistle of wind and the crunch of snow under my boots. I am sufficiently spooked to say the least. I never even see the bear. I just hear the growl. I screamed in real life and immediately paused the game, spent a couple minutes pacing around trying to calm myself until I got up the nerve to just let it maul me and run away like a little girl. This has happened to me so many times, traveling with low visibility and the growls of an animal causes me to jump in real life. The only other games I remember being this terrified by was Silent Hill 2 and 3. My question is: Do you intentionally add in horror elements to your game or are they just a nice side effect? Another thing, the first time I slept in Carter Dam I remember leaving to go sleep in the trailers outside because I was almost certain it was haunted. I do not believe in ghosts but metal cannot creak in that same exact pattern so many times in a row. There's something wrong with that place I tell you, it gives me a genuinely uneasy feeling that I only get from horror games. Couple that with the echoes of a dead world that you hear from radios and read from computer screens during the aurora and I have to wonder what other "echoes" there are I haven't seen yet. ...From the safety of my comfortable home in the forestry lookout, with generous sightlines so nothing can sneak up on you.
  9. One thing (as an American, lol) I always appreciate in games are firearm sound effects and reload animations. The bullet-by-bullet animation of the rifle remains one of my favorites ever. The satisfying clink of brass hitting brass, sometimes I unload my rifle drop a bullet and reload it again just for that sound. I do tend to fidget with my weapon out in this game, unloading it and reloading it as I walk to have something to do with my hands. Aiming every few seconds just cause. Especially with the flaregun, I cock and uncock that thing maybe a hundred times each time I go walking. My question is: do you plan on adding attachments or customizations to our weapons? I love my rifle but i'd love it even more with some bear fur wrapped around the stock as a little trophy. Alternatively, a scope or one of those little keychain things hanging off the end of the barrel. A rabbit's foot for luck or something. Something to make the weapon mine. Even the option to carve notches into the stock with a hunting knife for each kill would go a long way. Of course this is all optics and none of it really matters to survival, but I think getting attached to your weapon is always a nice feeling.