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  1. where did I say fight? I said find.
  2. we've got that hunt the bear challenge, but how about more of that but with some spiritual aspect. like, "surprise you're goin' on a vision quest" to find the legendary creature. Like a thunder bird or something.
  3. Maybe we can use a few tinder for wick in those candles the we've been asking to build.
  4. just make sure the maple syrup is pure, anything else is pure poison to Canadians!
  5. stone arrow heads are sharp when you make them, you don't have to sharpen them. you break stones against each other to carve them and that's it. put a groove in the arrow shaft and attach with sinew. they last forever.
  6. Wish we could get stone arrow heads, they may be illegal, but it's a survival game, no hunting authority would stop us in those times.
  7. Hunted and killed a wolf, one arrow sticking out of his shoulder and another arrow through it's rear and died right there, but I only got back one arrow. where'd the other one go? they should be right there. the arrow I got back was sitting next to the wolf, the last time I shot an animal and killed it was a rabbit, the arrow shot through the body and I recovered it a few feet behind it, this time there was a stone wall there and nowhere for the arrow to go, so I didn't over penetrate. I don't like loosing arrows at such close ranges. Edit: found it, it was under the body after the body disappeared.
  8. Pine resin is wax like mass that acts like a burnable fuel source. It can be found dripping from cuts on pine trees. in a container such as a can it, with a crow feather as a wick, can be used like a long lasting candle to keep a fire burning and carry around, while not being able to provide much light source, it will keep a lit flame in windy conditions. I intend it to be used as a way to travel with a lit flame and long lasting enough to burn while having a full rest of 12 hours. another effect is to build a small cap to heat rocks and use hot rocks in pockets to keep warm.
  9. when it came to bears, it occurs to me that maybe it's one animal that shouldn't come back after killing it. not necessarily because it's so dangerous, but maybe because they should be considered a rare animal in the wilds.
  10. Oh look, I've accumulated over 40 rabbit pelts, what ever should I do with them all? If only I could build a teepee.
  11. I drowned as soon as I broke the ice.
  12. all that tasty meat out of reach on thin ice, the body weighs more than my character and it's right there! why did it have to die on the edge?! I'm so hungry. I invested 8 bullets in killing this thing!
  13. we need more ways to hunt, a spike bear pit would come in handy.
  14. Got to a section of a map and there's a bunch of places where you can fall through the ice and I set up to shoot a bear, and the bear runs off in a direction I can't follow because it can traverse thin ice and I can't?!