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  1. Really I always start in forlorn muskeg, hypothermia and blizzards make it more exciting and plus you can sometimes find a rifle there as well and while your at it you might as well get kitted up with a hatchet and knife and a heck ton of arrowheads all in the first few days but weak ice ugh. But seriously hush river valley my god that place is pants.
  2. Coastal highway has a lot of loot but if you’re playing on stalker there’s wolves everywhere but still a great spot. DP is great if you have weapons because wolves can spawn close to the path to the lighthouse and (again) if your on stalker the bear is always there so (again) if you have the weapons and the ammunition he can be some real fine dining definitely late game though and it’s a big hike from pleasant to desolation especially with the abundance of wildlife between them. ML is a great spot for rifles eg. the lookout tower, trappers cabin, the box carts. PV is a good spot as well. Good
  3. I am fairly new to the game while having some experience and map knowledge I’m having some problems finding a good base location, so if anyone can give me some tips or info that would be much appreciated. (I’m tossing up between DP, CH and PV) thanks
  4. Damn, and I was proud of my self when I got to day 20 in stalker. And I can’t even imagine your playtime. Keep up the good work I’ll look forward to seeing you post my stuff like this.