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  1. Cheers and keep up the good work. I really appreciate all the work that's done on The Long Dark, and the unique experience you created and I never once regretted buying it as early access. From the beginning it was a special game, and it's great to see there are still developers that actually have a passion for making quality.
  2. It's so funny that the same reason I started playing TLD is also reason they made it. I was also playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas a lot and 'roleplayed' it mostly as a grizzled survivor, and using mods to make it more about finding clean water, food and shelter from the harsh environment. Too much combat seemed to take away from that feeling and I wished I could just play a wandering survivalist instead of a warlord. I'm still grateful for this game because it's such a unique experience. The essence of escapism.
  3. I also can't think of a survival game like this. I know I've combed through Steam several times to find a game like this but in a greener setting. Unfortunately all of them seem to be more focused on enemies, PvP, or base-building. Now I wouldn't mind being able to plant and farm ingredients, but I also don't want building to be the main drive for gathering resources. As it is, TLD is pretty unique.
  4. Excited for the survival update! I could never really get into Wintermute, but maybe the redux will change that. At any rate, the new additions to survival will probably rekindle the flame in TLD and I'm looking forward to those lazy sunday 9 hour sessions.
  5. Btw can you play 4DON any number of times during the event, or do you only get one chance and you're out if you die?
  6. That time in 2016 I didn't like it much, I never went out at night anyway. This year I might give it another try, I really do like the idea, I just miss the beauty of daytime. It's just a shame you can't stock up on food and firewood beforehand if it's separate from your regular save, but I guess that's part of the challenge.
  7. Camp Office, I always like the easy access to both fish and rabbits, especially since ice fishing is the most relaxing thing in the game, so it quickly becomes my main food source. Once in a while you'll get a deer wandering right outside for easy hunting, it's just the most convenient spot in the game. So convenient in fact, that after a few weeks I start looking for a new place because it gets too easy there.
  8. Sounds great, especially excited about the redux of Ep 1 and 2, since I couldn't really get into story mode for the game. I'll definitely give it another try when that comes out. Keep up the good work!
  9. You guys are pretty damn amazing. Now if only my home internet connection was working so I could download it
  10. Most people seem to like the new cooking and see the merit in it. So do I. I hope they know better than to roll back a great new feature because a few people don't have the patience for it.
  11. Yeah I also tend to save the stuff like books and accelerant for 'what if I'm actually 2 seconds away from freezing to death' situations which I never actually encounter since I mostly play on Pilgrim. Yesterday I migrated from Pleasant Valley to Coastal Highway, and since I'm in CH every fire has started on my first try. Must've just been random probability working against me, and now working in my favor.
  12. Great to know you can warm things up around a fire, that's very convenient. I'm really enjoying the new cooking system so far, it's so much more immersive and leaves you some extra time to scavenge firewood or fish while you're cooking. One thing I noticed, it may be a coincidence and it may just be me: Starting a fire seems to have a much higher fail ratio. I mean, the chance is still 75%, but where I normally was able to light a fire in 1 or sometimes 2 tries with those odds, it now often takes me at least 3 tries to get something going. I've been making tinder plugs like a mother****er to keep up with the failed firestarting.
  13. Looks like I picked a good time to visit again. Great news, I'll be sure to check it out this weekend!
  14. Checking back since quite a while, this looks good. The new cooking system and bits of lore especially excite me. Now all we need is actual readable books (there's plenty of public domain stuff out there) for those days locked in by a blizzard, and this will be the most relaxing apocalypse simulation out there. And let's not get salty that the update isn't here yet, this isn't a studio with the resources of Ubisoft, stuff needs to be tested thoroughly.
  15. I haven't played in a while (since custom difficulty came out) and came to see if this was fixed yet. Apparently not. At this point, I'd rather have a passive/aggressive setting per animal. So I could play with passive wolves and aggressive bears. Like the above posters said, it would be ideal if you could get it so wolves only attack 5% of the time so they're not as big a pain in the ass but also keep it slightly realistic (a lone wolf wouldn't attack a human unless threatened or extremely desperate). But it's a shame that setting still doesn't work properly.