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  1. I'm wondering if you plan on adding more weather mechanics? I was thinking along the lines of ice storms, thundersnow or even snow blindness.
  2. I notice that I often scare wolves, but then they stop running away, turn around and come back to eat my face. What is the reason for their behavior?
  3. I still get depressed when I think about Blues & Bullets
  4. Grey Mother. Tragic past, obviously. Her marriage seems to foreshadow Will & Astrid's relationship. And why does she have so many pictures of Lily around if she's blind? I have so many questions!
  5. What was it like working with the Adele of voice acting, Jennifer Hale?
  6. I make it my mission to collect certain things. Right now I have a huge stash of cooking pots and bedrolls, for no apparent reason.
  7. Aside from crafting, it would make sense to have sun glasses/ski goggles laying around for players to find. I always keep an extra pair of shades in my car. And adding the pain mechanic to it would be great, on top of the blurred vision and risk of permanent damage. I've heard it's an extremely painful condition.
  8. I don't see it either, and I'm in the states. Well, Wisconsin.. so practically Canada. hahaha ... i'll shut up now.
  9. Welp, never mind. I went over all my maps again and noticed one of the 'Leave Coastal Highway' icons was missing, even though I did map it. So I went back and mapped it again, and lo and behold, I got the achievement. It feels anti-climatic almost, after all the time I put in. Oh, well. But yeah.. if any of you were having trouble with stuff not showing up, go back and try some of those areas later. They may work. And it is possible to get this achievement to work on xbox, yay! Farewell, fellow arctic explorers
  10. I am on xbox one, unfortunately. There seems to be so few on xbox who have gotten the achievement ( .01% according to xbox's achievement tracker). Is there something that is preventing the vast majority of xbox players from getting it? Is the xbox tracker statistic wrong and there are way more people who have gotten it? I'm thinking of starting a new playthrough so that the pre-dated save game problem would be taken out of the equation, but I don't want to go through all the trouble of mapping everything again if it still isn't going to unlock due to some xbox issue. That being said, is there any way for you guys to unlock the achievement for those of us who have put in the time and have proof (i.e. screenshots, etc) that we should've gotten it by now? I'm not sure if that's possible, just throwing it out there.
  11. I have finally finished mapping every square centimeter of every region, and I still do not have this achievement. Xbox is showing that only .01% of gamers have unlocked the achievement, so it appears I'm not the only one still having problems. But I guess it's up from .00%, so.. progress? Any updates on when this will be resolved?
  12. Will it be fixed with the latest update? I'm still showing no one has unlocked it on xbox.
  13. Thank you for the update; I may cry if I have to map everything again, however.
  14. Any update on this? We got the latest update on xbox, and were told it would be patched with that update, but it is still unattainable.
  15. I'm still showing that no one has gotten this on xbox ("0.00% of gamers have unlocked this achievement"), yet I was finally able to download the update last week. Was patching this achievement not in the xbox update?