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  1. So im stuck on having to get to the power plant after giving the warden medication. The only thing getting in my way are the wolves and not having a sleeping bag since i was dumb and didnt hide it well enough from the convicts. Any tips? If so that would help a lot! Thanks!
  2. that would be cool! what if the city was also in a cold climate?
  3. So i had a suggestion for what yall could do after wintermute. i was thinking that yall could make a game like the long dark but its theme would be like a snowy town in the middle of nowhere and there would some magical themes to it but idk im just giving ideas.
  4. I finished the wintermute and i wanted to know if their were any updates for wintermute coming out soon? Edit: I actually looked this up in forums and i dont need help anymore.
  5. Sounds good! Will you be able to access this on the switch too?
  6. 1. Add tameable animals to the game. This will make hunting easier and more fun to play the game.