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  1. Can confirm it also on my MacBook pro GeForce GT650M.
  2. Hallå alla, tänkte bara se mig för om det fanns fler svenskar än jag som fastnat totalt för det här spelet och vart ni kommer ifrån. Själv bor jag i norra delen av vårt avlånga land, och då menar jag att jag bor bara kilometer söder om riksgränsen. Skriva bara en kort kommentar om ni så vill, men berätta gärna också vad ni tycker om spelet.
  3. No you can't switch them off as they use a chemical, one time use only, reaction. So you have to plan their use as carefully as flares (that you want to save for the wolves).
  4. Snaplights is very common where I live (Northern part of sweden) as emergency lighting and everyone I know here owns at least a few i various colors. While no heat is gained from them they burn brightly for 12 hours! As there is no other viable light source in the game than the storm lantern and flares as the magnetic storm has fried all flashlights I thought that Snaplights would be perfect to have if you find yourself in need of light for a whole night and you don't want to waste all that valuable fuel. Here is an image of the color variations that is common. Their design allows them to be both placed or hung in a bit of string freeing your hands for work. (Please forgive any error in grammar or spelling, English isn't my native language.)