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  1. 'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land Cartographers were finding old loot to be had.
  2. Safely out of Hushed River Valley and back in Milton, now I just have to find the way to this Bleak Inlet everyone talks about.
  3. I didn't manage to get the achievement Faithful Cartographer before the new update Errant Pilgrim landed with its new region Bleak Inlet. Do I have to map all named locations in this new region as well as the previous regions in order to get the achievement now?
  4. Hello , friend, come and share the fire. The rope climbs in HRV... ...never seem to end. Still, you can't beat the view. Hope I don't die tomorrow!
  5. Can't stop flipping down car sun visors.
  6. Well, now I know where I'm going to explore first. Signaling across the valley with a flashlight during an aurora. Is anyone out there? Anyone? Hushed River Valley has beautiful views, but all these climbs will be the death of me.
  7. And so the end begins. Will I complete my quest to map every corner of this forsaken land, or will it all end in (frozen) tears?
  8. Well, Momma always said if I didn't watch out I'd end up living in a trailer.
  9. Come enjoy the activities of Milton Park. You can camp under the stars... ...and then go climbing in the morning.
  10. This is one of my older screenshots. At this point, I'm not even sure where it is (aside from Mystery Lake in general, of course, because that was the only map back then).
  11. Throwing stones over the waterfall into Milton Basin, because why not?er