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  1. Yeah, I assumed they were too, but someone else mentioned beachcombing and it is at least one (unreliable) way to restock on cattails.
  2. Cattails can be obtained through beachcombing, so in that sense they are renewable.
  3. Thanks for maintaining this list, @JAFO. I have a few additions to share. Here's a SPOILERS tag in case it matters to anyone. - Wolf behavior regarding eating prey has been updated. Wolves will no longer simply abandon the carcass to chase the player. Instead, the wolf will growl as the player gets closer, but if the player backs away the wolf will resume eating. - Crows now will circle over carcasses of animals that the player or wolves have killed, instead of just pre-generated deer carcasses like before. This is a welcome addition because the player can now look and listen fo
  4. What's the condition of your clothing? The condition of clothing wears down slowly over time and will wear down rapidly from blizzards or animal attacks. Low condition clothing will provide very little protection from the cold.
  5. I agree with all of this. I doubt that it'll be in the game by August 1, but I hope that it might be added later on.
  6. I wonder if the rocks will have any effect on a bear. I'm guessing that they'll just make it mad, but perhaps there will be a small chance of making it run away instead.
  7. Highly doubtful until the release of story mode on August 1. For the survivor (sandbox) update later this month (or early next month), I would expect nothing more than what was officially announced on the dev diary. The reason some people are talking about the aurora is only because they were shown in the new trailer video that was released on May 4. Hope that clarifies things for you.
  8. Good point. Despite what I said earlier, I might end up using cartography just for the sake of having a mission. Survival (sandbox) has for a long time needed more to do in the late game after all of the initial needs are met, clothing/tools crafted, and supplies stockpiled. Mapping out all regions of the world would be far more time-consuming than all of those things I imagine, so I may enjoy it after all. Hmm...
  9. Careful, there may soon be hundreds of rabbits that eat you out of house and home.
  10. Me too. Would love candles to be added eventually. Perhaps they will on August 1.
  11. Agreed. A rabbitskin cap would be a welcome addition.
  12. Found it! I knew I'd read something official somewhere. It was on the Steam forums. Here's a direct link to the post: http://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/0/1326718197208830253/#c1326718197208851227 And here's the quote:
  13. Yes and no. The game does currently choose the struggle weapon automatically, but it's debatable if it chooses the "best weapon". @Timber Wolf ran a series of tests a couple months ago and found that the hatchet actually results in the least condition loss to the player on average, so arguably the hatchet is the best weapon for wolf struggles. However, the game will automatically choose the knife instead of the hatchet if both are in the player's inventory. However, based on the update notes, I think that all this may change. Hinterland has always emphasized that it wants players to make