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  1. OK, so here's my situation... I'm playing survival mode and I'm stuck inside the Cinder Hills Coal Mine waiting for the Aurora to return... Unfortunately I forgot to bring an empty tin can to make water with, and the only tin of food I have on my person is at 6%, which is for sure food poisoning, so I don't want to eat it, but the game does not allow me to just dump the food out and keep the can... My only two options are eat or drop... I think it would make sense to add the option to harvest a canned food item rather than eat it...
  2. I've got decent gear... I think my protection is around 25%. Still would prefer to not have to tangle with the wolf, even with a hammer and thick clothes, just so I don't have to wast time / energy / resources repairing damage
  3. Yeah, I don't currently have any meat, just snack-bars and sodas / water. I've tried crouching when I go outside but the wolf still seems to hear me...
  4. Hello all, I am a new fan of TLD and after completing the story mode, I am trying my first attempt at Survival mode on Voyageur difficulty in Coastal Highway. I'm on day 7 or 8 and so far supplies have been abundant and I've got decent ammo, but have not found any weapons yet, even though I've checked out all the fish houses, the houses on JackRabbit Island and Misanthrope Homestead, as well as the Quonset Garage and surrounding homes. I've been trying to head south along the road towards Commuter's Lament to see if I can find a gun down there, but the wolves are everywhere and super aggressive and I find myself having to repeatedly run back to Quonset because of them. And now there's one camped outside, and even though I've waited / slept several hours, it won't leave... I read somewhere that if I might be able to use the hammer as a weapon, but I'd really like to avoid having to get into it with the damn thing. Anyone have any suggestions?