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  1. About 2/3 of these cairns have no story which is a shame. Is there any update if backers will write something or make way for someone else to write something worthwhile when a player finds it?
  2. So when Wintermute first came out. Will killed the bear with a rifle and brought the animal's ear to Jeremiah. I could have sworn the trapper mentions a place to Mackenzie called Rupert's Landing. Was it my imagination because the second version of the story is very different. Maybe the devs changed it but I still like the name.
  3. Is the artwork here Black Rock Prison? If so it is beautiful.
  4. On all my runs I go to The Summit and on days like Day 500 I will go camp on a spot with a view.
  5. Thanks, Made it to the Cannery and made 200 bullets. Day 116 and at Gunsmithing Level 4, Looking for more books to get Lvl 5.
  6. Has anyone been to the Cannery to make bullets yet? How many did you make?
  7. First, Am I allowed to mention a game I love that is 2nd place to The Long Dark?
  8. I love the name Rupert's Landing as well the rest of the regions.