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  1. The current system works just right, if someone agrees with me or want to support my idea, he/she can simply leave a '+' however if someone disagrees with me I actually want to know the cause of that, and how his/her toughts differ on the topic. Leaving a '-' would cut the conversation in half as you wouldn't be forced to share your thougts when you disagree with someone. Plus, we have polls if we want to get answers to simple yes / no questions, up and downvoting is not required for this.
  2. I noticed that while equipping the rifle comes with the noise of getting the gun into hands, putting it away doesn't seem to produce any sound. I know that this is a really minor thing, but if these equip noises are already recorded useing them again as the sound of unequipping would be really nice.
  3. I think that in the new version of the game music appears more frequently. I don't have any problem with that, the soundtrack is fantastic. But since now music is played more often there are some situations when a new event triggers a score while another one is already played. (such thing never happened to me in the older versions) In this case the score that started sooner suddenly stops, and the new one starts, and this ruins my immersion to the moment. Maybe slowly lowering the volume of the first score and only after that starting the second one or somehow connecting the two would help, but i think currently it changes too suddenly.
  4. Remek, bejelöltelek (Timúr néven). Nem tudom hogyan, sanszos hogy azért mert nem szoktam gyakran Steam-et használni, de valahogy elsiklottam afelett hogy már létezik magyar fordítás. Mindegy, amúgy sem sokat haladtam eddig vele, egyenlőre csak az első 100 kifejezés van meg, majd összefésülhetjük a tietekkel. Ha sokan aktívak Steam-en akkor persze, jó ötlet a fórum, nekem mondjuk tetszene ha végül minél többen kötnénk ki itt ( ugyan úgy megvan a kisebb közösségek helye, de a fejlesztők jobban követik a visszajelzéseket)
  5. Kornél

    Nature vs you

    Me neither but as the topic's title is new risk ideas I thought it could be a nice addition later on. It's less deadly than avalanches (but still poses great danger) and easily recognizable so the player can avoid it with paying attention. It was discussed earlier in the forum but slipping and falling without the proper shoes in heavy wind while walking on ice would be great. And +1 for the falling trees, it reminds me to the Road, would be cool to have that feature
  6. Kornél

    Nature vs you

    Stepping to a snow cornice should be a very real danger, in mountaneering it's kind of a golden rule to avoid them but in the current version there is no chance it could ever fall off.
  7. Apart from the variants of hopeless rescue, the hunted, and this medic idea I would welcome these for example: - Put it together! Just like the mounteneer and his story, more collectibles would be nice. I know it's already on the list, but in this challenge after you have every piece of paper a final objective could be achieved. For example a secret code for a safe that couldn't be opened in other ways or wouldn't sound like *clickk* when you hit the right number (the notes could contain a piece of the code and the story behind the safe) - The Storm. And by that I don't mean any blizzard, I mean a real natural desaster, a giant tornado that noone could survive outside...oh and the player would be stuck in TWM So this would be an 'against the time' challenge with for example a week or a few days until the storm hits. In that time the player should reenforce the Mounteneer's Hut (the roof, windows, door, etc) with lots of wood and some toolkits to survive. -Santa's sleigh. Build a sleigh from a bunch of wood, trap 8 deer and voila. Deer traps (clover trap, drop net, etc) could be craftables, while the sleigh could be built in Pleasant Valley Outbuildings (red barn) in the place of the truck. This should go with a time limit as well, the kids must have their stuff delivered in time. I know it's silly...but I think it would be fun ^^ -Repair the Radio. This is not my idea, I just read it somewhere in the forum, so credits should go to others, but I thought I would mention it. The player could find parts of a radio and repair it to hopefully make contact with others. Thats all I could think of know, cheers!
  8. Kornél

    Go blind

    I said this already but again: I don't want to have a completely realistic game. If I want have a realistic hike experience I will just go out and hike ^^ I also said that going blind shouldn't be easy: only when you dont have goggles and dont have any meds and stay out the whole day and you are unlucky enough to be in that 20-30% should you go blind. And I dont mean a pitch black screen, just blurry vision with 10 hours of recovery time. I dont feel that too realistic (see above why) or truly hard, its nowhere any close to the point when I would be like "yeah, nah fuck this, f4" but maybe we are just different. I think that penalties should prevent the player from being too extrame: staying in the cold for too long, not sleeping/eating/drinking for too long, staying inside for too long and yes: staying outside for too long. But anyways you aren't likely to spend most of the day outside. And if you do you could still find some goggles.
  9. There is a huge difference between making up a rule and pretending that if you fuck sg up than you can't reload and knowing that you phsically won't be able to reload after you die if you don't cheat. Those who want to have checkpoints could still play on normal mode. And those who are like me and like the intensity that comes from the permadeath sys. should have their chance to do so.
  10. The current game already autosaves when you bump into a wolf/bear encounter or when you get an infection etc. This way quick exiting with task manager doesn't help - unless you spot the inevitable fast enough to exit before it happens. It's not the point, if I really want to trick the game surely I will find a way to do so, everything has a backdoor. But why would I? I love that I have to bear the responsibility of my choices. It's not a frequent thing amongst games. So yeah, I like the idea of keeping the permadeath system. (of course the checkpoint based save system is a 'must have' for the story mode, permadeath should be only an alternative)
  11. I made a hike from the Trapper's Homestead to the Unnamed Pond. As I approached the pond I could hear crows calling, but somehow louder than they usually do. I looked up and...well, I will let the screenshot speak for itself As I walked closer I found 85 feather...guess I could make a pillow from that amount
  12. Kornél

    Go blind

    Yeah, as a second tought you are right about the altitude: there are trees even in the summit, so basically everything is under the treeline and the treeline in Canada (or at least in the Chugach Mountains) can be around 500m. On the other hand, cloudy weather will not help out, as UV rays easily travel through any clouds so I still think that it would factor in after some time. I was thinking in something like the above mentioned balance: spend all the day out and you become snowblinded by a chance of 20-30% without goggles, maybe 30-40% on timberwolf causing blurry vision just like when you are below 10% health until you sleep it out (10 hours of rest maybe as real life healing time with 24-72 hours would be radiculus). I don't like the idea of the goggles making your view worse, I think it would become irritating after some time, and I would never want to ruin anyway the joy of the sight in TLD. I was thinking in a passive effect - maybe an icon in the corner to show you that you are wearing goggles, or just the absence of the stockpiling chance to go snownlind would be enough. You might ask: okey, okey but after all what would it add to the gameplay? And I have to admit - not much. But think of it for a moment the way around: would this game be as great as it is without hypothermia? Certainly. Would it be cool without food pisoning? Yes. Without sparined ankles? 10/10 would still play it. But hey, would TLD world feel the same if I would get rid of them at the same time? No way. These little things may seem pointless alone, but they create what I think is one of the strongest sides of TLD: detail. So things like snowblindness doesn't have to be a real gamechanger. It's purpose is only to generate more detail and to get another little thing that could cause problems if someone doesn't pay attention to it (and don't get me wrong I'm not aiming to get a 100% realistic game, even if the details make it similar to something like that). Also, I like the idea of more types of clothing items and goggles would look nicely
  13. Kornél

    Go blind

    I was wondering: how is that possible that our protagonist spends months around moutain ranges, possibly at a high altitude while most of his/her surroundings are covered in snow and yet, never goes snowblind? (some info on snow blindness: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photokeratitis) Goggles could help to prevent it from happening, as well as some medicine. Of course it would need some time to develop, just like hypothermia, only this would take a lot more time (but chance would constantly increase while being out in the wild in the daytime without goggles) Getting to higher places (to the Summit for example) would boost up it's effect, making timberwolf mountain a bit even more 'hardcore' region without the proper equipment. After a few hours inside, the chance could return to zero.
  14. Kornél


    As it makes you more vulnerable to cold and dehydration, drinking alcohol 'to boost your stats up' wouldn't make much sense. But I agree that it could help you to come over cabin fever at least temporarily. With the cold/dehydration disadvantage it would be actually balanced as well. It could let you sleep even when fully rested. Long term usage could cause several disadvatages preventing one to exploit hybernation with constantly being drunk and sleeping
  15. Plusz egy fő 2014? Jó látni, hogy ezek szerint van pár öreg harcos itthon is. Szerintem bőven lesz rá kereslet itt is ha egyszer magunk mögött hagyjuk majd az early access-t. Nem tudom mit gondoltok az ötletről, de lenne kedvetek besegíteni ha csinálnék egy fordítást?