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  1. Guys, what do you expect about the moose? I saw that everyone is so hyped about it, but I don't know why? Do you think the moose will make story mode great, as it supposed to be? I don't think so. That's not going to solve any of the problem the current game has, imho. It's suprising how easy to impress y'all. ..after all what's happened with the game, and how far it become from what was expected !
  2. That's not how it goes! And I'm pretty sure that you know that. You're emotionaly invested in the game too much and now you can't think 'clear'. It's like in a relationship. Love is blind! @Boston123 was right! That's how there's bestseller books and blockbuster movies out there. Writers shouldn't had to consult their audience before release a book/movie to make it a huge success, and you know that! You know that, but now you act like you don't. And that is love. That's when you're blinded. You're defending your love right now. So, I would say your opinion is not even relevant. Because you can't think clearly for sure. I wouldn't argue with somebody who professed about something. That's the worst kind of person. When you're in doubt, please go to and check out how many people playing the game. You'll see that not too much. You act like @Boston123 was the only one who think that the story is cheap. But it isn't true either. The forum is abundant with dissatisfied people. We all know who wrote the story, and we all know that he's not even a writer.
  3. Hey Patrick! Thanks for the reply! And yup, that clears it up!
  4. I'm suprised that I didn't find any post on the forum about Hindrland Studio's latest teaser video, called The last marker. I'm so excited, and I like to know what do you Guys think about the video? I'm always tought how cool (and freightening) it would be to know that you may not the only one survivor in the sandbox. Do you think that it's for the Story Mode?
  5. Thank you Guys for the christmas present! It's always nice to have an update like this for the holidays. Hope you Guys have a great holiday season and keep up the good work in 2017! This game is awesome!
  6. Well, don't update the game next time, if you can't handle such things. There's always some issues with older saved games. Start a new game instead, and you will be fine.
  7. I agree with you, and I don't think feats are a good idea, neither. At least they should give us the option to disable feats.
  8. Wow!!!!!!!! I'm speachless! That roadmap is full of cool things! Keep up the good work, Guys, and thank you for making this game even more awesome!!
  9. I'm noticed that the drained and the overweighted icons are overlapping each other on the bottom left side of the screen. Never saw those icons behave like that, and that is not the first time that I had both of those conditions at the same time. Gameplay started on v.327. OS: Windows 10 I didn't tried to repro it yet, so I'm not sure if it's a bug or feature. Thanks for all your work, Guys!