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  1. Maybe improvised crampons will be added to the furnace in a future uppdate.
  2. Agree with ManicManic, I really enjoy reading the mailbag. Not only the topics that deal with TLD itself, but also those that touch on related subjects, e.g No Man's Sky above.
  3. Please try not to give Hinterland ideas like that 😱
  4. @hozz1235 I was just commenting on where I found a revolver, but I can see how it could have been read otherwise. 😀 Anyway, found one at Trapper's too, in the safe if I remember correctly.
  5. Mystery Lake, the cave by The Overlook.
  6. I live in Sweden and use metric, didn't really encounter Imperial until my late teens through Dungeons and dragons. 😀
  7. I don't mind the quick load screens, exactly. I'm just afraid it'll interfere with my character's sleep, keeping her awake at night wondering what vital piece of information she almost got. ?
  8. Awesome. Only had a quick look in survival so far, but love the changes. The new loading screens tend to flash by too quickly to read, and the rabbit hat doesn't show on the ragdoll when worn for me. Oh forgot to mention; the new way to interact with the hot plates is really great.
  9. In the wake of some of the critisisms, I basically only want to say "thank you, @Raphael van Lierop and Hinterland" for my favourite game. I didn't join the kickstarter, I heard about it and thought the premise sounded incredibly boring, then for whatever reason I did sign up for Early Acess on Steam. That you support Linux was a contributing factor, the amazing art another. I'm glad I did. I'm prepared for the risk that a project on Kickstarer or in EA may change over time, that visions may morph, difficulties and opportunities arise unexpecedly, and sometimes that the project is s
  10. And just because I haven't said this before, and because whoever is responsible should know; your logo is one of the best looking I've ever seen. I really love it.
  11. Hello all. I'm a little curious about how people's play styles may differ, and one thing that came to mind is planning and the journal. I'm rubbish at making any kind of plans, I usually know what I need to do any particular day r over the course of a couple of days (weather permitting - blizzards in PV almost had me starving to death recently) hunt, gather wood and so on, but I don't tend to think much longer ahead other than in a very general sense (need more hides for new pants). I also tend to forget what exactly I leave at various shelters when I have too much to bring to my ma