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  1. Of course this would be disabled in Interloper and less effective in Stalker and would be able to be toggled off in custom. What I'm thinking is that when we sleep in what the game considers to be an "indoors" environment, that we get a slight bonus to our recovery, which is both to health and stamina. Maybe a further boost if there's a fire going or if you sleep bear skin bedroll. I'm just considering how well we'd all sleep if we were out there in real life. I doubt we'd fare very well in most cases, haha. I think it's strange that our characters don't wake up at all during the night, whether it be by a noise heard nearby, a blizzard howling outside, or even just a bout of cabin fever. Sleep is very important and I doubt my character would get in the crucial hours we need to function when the situation is as desperate as it is. What do you guys think?
  2. I recently decided to make the Mountain Town farmstead my home base and while going through the back area, I found a pair of combat boots. Didn't know they could spawn there!
  3. There's a playlist that I have on spotify when I play The Long Dark called "Lost in the Woods". This song hasn't been on there for a while as far as I know, but I still listen to it nonetheless. Fun fact: Since I couldn't find the lyrics to it, I thought he said "let's go where there is no map" which I thought fit this game well since I don't use maps and I have to rely on what I remember, plus it kind of makes my experience kind of like an adventure. In reality, he just says "there is gold, but there is no map", but I suppose fits this game, too.
  4. I was playing in that area the other day and mine did this, too, only in near the hills on the other side of the lake. He first went to sleep (twice!) at the bottom of the hill, which was very strange since I thought it bled out quickly but I heard snoring and him get up soon after. It seems whenever it runs around and turns, that it'll teleport weirdly just try and get to where I am.
  5. Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I just wanted to share this milestone of mine. The Long Dark is probably one of my most favorite games. I just love seeing what the game will throw at me during each and every playthrough! I am currently climbing to the top of Timberwolf Mountain to get some mapping done at the top. I remember a long time ago, I'd bought this game for 20$ and I can say that for sure, I've gotten a lot of time in for my money!
  6. I don't know if it's my motionsickness acting up, but I'm not fond of the lighthouse in Desolation Point that much anymore. Something about the climbing in circles confuses my eyes. It's been mentioned, but I wish the stove was a little bigger, too. Not to mention, it's pretty far away from getting wood since there are many wolves that appear over the snow banks.
  7. Great work! I don't know why it took me so long to find this!
  8. I will always miss the cooking crackling noise that came with cooking meats. I usually hate ASMR, but I could listen to that for hours.
  9. I am currently living in the area left to the rope to go up to start the puzzle in Bleak Inlet. I think it's something like a break/meal area. I like it because it doesn't get too cold, I can see the weather easily without a loading screen, 2 burner grate stove, lots of space for curing things and wolf meat. So much wolf meat. Is also a short trek away from the fishing huts and a possible moose spawn. Also the workshop is close, too. I do wish there was an easier way to get to it after we've visited it once, though. I keep finding myself going back to this place. Of course, it was different in Winter's Embrace. I'd huddled down in the worker's residences just across the bridge. I missed my base so much.
  10. I doubt it would've been too difficult to simply add a rope to the end of the dock of the cannery workshop. Or just a point we could tie one of our own. Just saying.
  11. It was sad that a full run of looting everything didn't produce the maple syrups needed for the badge. Next thing I new, I was already 100 days in only had around 6 to my name. While it was interesting dealing with the cold and downing every bag of chips and syrups in sight (and the sickness that came with them!), the grind kind of burned me out of the game. I still want to play it, don't get me wrong, but I needed several saves which consisted of me checking everything and then still having crap luck while others made off with 4+ syrups from an area.
  12. Or maybe I'm just a horrible shot and just grazed it, but even then the rifle skill increase showed. It shouldn't do that if it has no effect on the animal.
  13. Yep, even in my stalker run I hit a bear with the rifle, only for it to keep walking around like nothing ever happened. Either that, or it runs and I end up losing the bear. It happens with deer too. They made finding them after the animal dies even harder, too. I don't think every shot inflicts bleed anymore.
  14. The female voice used to be very sarcastic and sassy, so I stopped playing her for a while. I then saw a recent playthrough where her voice lines weren't as grating as before. I actually started a stalker campaign with her last night and I'm enjoying hearing the new, reworked voice.