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  1. Arg, why did you make it so that my "warming up" drinks now burn to a crisp when heating nearby a fire???
  2. I woke up to this. Perhaps life isn't all that bad.
  3. Proud Canadian here! I see scenery like that in The Long Dark all the time. I wish I could see the auroras here, though.
  4. "SoMeThinG's sAppiNG mY eNergY!" He says after carrying dozens of pounds of meat and fish through Pleasant Valley. Through a blizzard.
  5. The Long Dark but as a rogue-like/lite? I already love the idea.
  6. Hello, I'd like to think that I'm a pretty good shot with the bow and not the rife and wondered the same of this community. I was curious about how many shots I'd landed and came across this screen: https://gyazo.com/1ef15e0428bbe37bfcd29049cf227947 That puts me at a 69% accuracy rating in my current game. I'm curious about the rest of you? Do you have a better skill with the rifle, bow or either of the pistols? Please show me as I'm very curious. Yes, I may have added some arrows in, but I have to train my skills up somehow as my disability doesn't allow me to learn things e
  7. I kite them close with the bow and try to get a headshot in. They will charge after you click to aim a shot, the trick is to get them in the head just BEFORE the struggle happens. Most of the time, I'll get a shot in and if it doesn't kill, the wolf dies during the struggle. It succeeds most of the time and I find it's more efficient than the gun. Enjoy your mountains of wolf pelts!
  8. Had this happen today. Reminds me of that Elegy visual poem Hinterland put out a while back.
  9. What is save scumming? Can someone explain it to me?
  10. This would be neat, and also if they had different colors, too!
  11. It's nice, but it repeats every time you go back outside and even interrupts the nice morning music that I like waking up to. Shame...
  12. I had quite the time taking down this bear the other day, that is if you're in the area I'm thinking of. He took close to 20 shots to take down. Thanks, ammo hog! ūüė†
  13. Sigh. It didn't work. It was already set at that...back to 5 to 10 minute loading screens for me...