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  1. I love transitions of weather during sunrise or sunset. Makes something unique and most often stunning. The other day, I had the aurora come out after a round of snowfall. It was quite nice.
  2. Sounds nice, but don't overwork yourselves!
  3. I sometimes see cans and units of wood disappear when i enter a new map or an indoors space. What's up with that?
  4. Timberwolf Mountain has multiple bears. I've had to deal with up to four on the map. As for the others, each map from what I've seen has two different spawn chances for the bears. (Could be more depending on the map.) Just be super careful once you're around those areas.
  5. I'm really liking the new region, Bleak Inlet. I've chosen that secluded cabin near the rope to go up to the lookout as my home base. Lots of wolf meat and fir firewood around, I'm also close to fishing and a bear spawn who's easy to pin down easily as you can see him on the ice. I'm not sure if the milling machine and bullet crafting is worth to mention at this point, though, as I've never really used them. Also, I recently found where the deer and rabbits hang out, so that's even more food for me. That six-burner stove in the broken lighthouse is also a great help to cook all of these up, too.
  6. Sounds like you haven't played the game or really understand that these aren't big company developers. They've given us a lot over the years and I believe they deserve a break. I just wish they'd tell us they'd be off for longer, though. Communication is important, no matter how you look at it.
  7. I searched for it and ended up getting stuck up here: I thought we could climb the hook thing or something, but I guess not. I'll restart the game and keep searching...
  8. I still find it strange that we don't have a workbench in this new "industrial" area. There's even something resembling the actual workbench nearby!
  9. Yeah, each bait I've used lately has been ignored. Is it because I have the weapon out, perhaps?
  10. Hm, I can't find a workbench in this new area. Very nice update, otherwise.
  11. I just sprained my wrist WHILE harvesting a carcass. Which is new. The angle here is strange, though. EDIT: It just happened again!
  12. Lose fat with this simple weight loss trick! Doctors hate it! Try intestinal parasites today! But, to be serious, I've had some bad luck with the RNG too, such as failing repairs at a high % and have had the daylight run out seconds before I finished getting scrap metal from those shelves. (The second one is less of a RNG thing and more my poor timing, but oh, well.)
  13. This is especially taxing if they run off and die somewhere. I scour the map for hours and have lost my kills this way. The other day, I found the bear in the cave, assuming it had just walked all the way back while slowly bleeding to death. Ridiculous as I'd shot at it at the farm.
  14. I am getting something like that, too! Check it out: It's extremely hard to see, but there's smoke/steam coming from that pot with slight bubbling noises, too. The pot, itself, can't be picked up. And no, the stove isn't on, either.
  15. On the topic of the essence of a decoy, I believe it should be changed, but the way it is now look like it's merely broken or bugged. Perhaps we could only have the wolves approach it if we back away from the bait, otherwise they'll charge for the fight. There's little to no reason why a wolf would get that close to a human, especially one holding a weapon. Even if they are hungry, I'm sure even they have some sense about them. Before they acted like puppies, running gleefully towards their next meal. Now they almost seem like they were dropped on the head...