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  1. Maybe try re-downloading the game or waiting for patch notes. There are a lot of back-end issues that are causing people problems right now, we can just hope they'll sort it out soon. I, myself, had my character fall through the world only to snap back to where he'd fallen from. What weird, never had that before!
  2. Um. So I fell through the ground and saw the scenario go above me as I fell further down and then just...popped back up to where I was? I guess I shouldn't have been in that place to begin with. Also this chapter has enough F-Bombs to make any Life is Strange fan blush!
  3. You can really see the work they put into this episode in particular, it truly shows and I'm glad to have experienced it!
  4. He just wants to play the Long Dark irl. lol
  5. It has quite a bit more of a southern drawl to it from what I could hear.
  6. I made not very dignified noises when I saw this on the top of the page!
  7. Just wanted to let you all know that I made it to day 500: No party or anything as I'm feeling really sore right now. Maybe some other time...
  8. It's a Stalker run. I'm just very careful. I was attacked by a wolf shortly after that, though.
  9. For the playthrough as the woman, so I guess Astrid? I've been playing for quite a bit longer, been really trying to put some time in recently!
  10. I am celebrating a year in the dark (jn game, at least!). Here's hoping I make it to 500 days!
  11. I think that's a little beyond the scope and purpose of this forum, but if you want to take things this seriously, you do you. And this isn't even what you suggested, either. I certainly don't want what's in my bank account tied to my forum account, that's just ridiculous...
  12. Everyone's comments matter, unless they are rude or against the ToS. No one is more "qualified" than someone else. We all have different experiences playing the game and labelling people just isn't the answer, sorry. Sometimes, yes, you will have wrong info thrown around, but TLD is a game that you learn as you play. No need to look down on people who haven't played it as long as you have. One thing I love about this forum is that it's not a competition, we are all equal in the eyes of mother nature as the same end eventually awaits us all, no matter how experienced you are.
  13. They did when I shot my gun, that's for sure! It also turns out there were like 3 other wolves just waiting for me to show up!
  14. Finally got lvl 5 mending on my day 232 stalker run! It's my longest yet! Look how crazy this is!