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  1. I shout "come get some!" at the wolves when they spot me. Perhaps I should be more careful because I swear they're getting better at sneaking up on me...
  2. I find that they sometimes limp if you graze them with arrows. I don't think it actually does any damage, but I've seen some stuck in that animation for quite some time.
  3. Definitely that Mountain Town during the aurora. I mean, after the wolves have left me alone. It was just me in this quiet town and the only sound were those lights and the winds. Knowing there wasn't another soul behind them gave me an experience I haven't felt with any other game. It was truly something else.
  4. Just a single food item? Kind of strange and lacking, if I must say....There should be more variety.
  5. And then there's me, just starting out a new game and have finally killed a bear with like 10 arrows sticking out of it. Not in it, just....floating outside it.
  6. I had one that followed me for quite a bit, but he never attacked me. I just let him go on his way. Some wolves are chill like that, I suppose.
  7. I'm glad to say all of these tips helped a lot! I'm able to play comfortably once again, thank you all!
  8. Sorry, once again wasn't notified of any replies, not sure how to fix that, either. Anyway, I shall try the "Dampen Camera Movements" that's been suggested.
  9. Hello, I've been playing this game for quite a while (over 500 hours) and very recently, I've been having a lot of trouble when it comes to motionsickness. Before, it wasn't so bad, I'd just have to avoid going indoors for too long, but now it's nauseating to do anything at all. I love this game to bits and I'd hate to stop playing because of something like this. Does anyone have any suggestions? I do try to take anti-nausea medicine before I play, but it simply isn't working anymore. I'd appreciate your help, thank you!
  10. It doesn't effect it, I've tried adding coal with no change. And having meat any other way than well-done in a survival situation is risky, I think.
  11. Nope. Nothing. You'll have to venture to Milton and find it there.
  12. Bah, a deer fell over onto my arrows and I lost them...I was then attacked by a wolf while harvesting said deer. Everything else about this update I really like other than the arrow glitch and the wildlife now moving in real time thing. Also, it seems our ears do not hear wolves or bears approach while we harvest things. I would like some kind of warning before getting mauled by something I can't even see... Also I love the new music, got several goosebumps from those more epic moments!
  13. What region are you currently running in? I was attacked by the bears in Forlorn Muskeg. Like, all of them at different times, while I was trying to harvest wood and a deer.
  14. I'd rather not go back in there, haha. The wolf was kind of glitched as I went to make a fire and it kept running down the hallway, circling back and running off again, forcing me to go after it in complete darkness, the torches are useless in scaring it away.
  15. There is a wolf living in the ice cave, so watch your step.