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  1. Thank you Usually the paths are easy to spot because they are snow-covered roads, or ridges etc. where footpaths are a bit more hidden - demanding a bit more observation to follow. If you're on PC you can press F9 to take a screenshot of where you are now including coordinates. If you press ESC to go to the menu first, and then F9 you can also see the coordinates it on-screen (it will still take a screenshot too). I hope it helps
  2. I am not sure yet. Perhaps when the game goes live and there are less changes I will add them I missed removing those two from a previous try! Cheers.
  3. On-screen message does not show "New Location Discovered" when spawning a new game in Quonset Gas Station. Not when re-entering either. It is listed in the Journal Summary. It is not registered in Stats / Detailed Stats.
  4. With the official overview map showing the cardinal direction of Mystery lake it seems the Lake/River accesses' names don't add up. River (Northern Access) goes from the east towards west River (Southern Access) goes from the west towards east Mystery Lake (Western Access) goes from north towards south (although this is hard to tell).
  5. On-screen text shows Lone Lake Cabin (ML) as new location when entering. It shows as visited in the Journal. It is not added in the Stats "Locations Discovered", where it would be expected to count +1 to previously explored.
  6. On-screen message shows "New Location Discovered" for both Trapper's Cabin (internal) + Trapper's Homestead (external). Both are listed in the Journal. Only one location is registered in Stats / Detailed Stats. Note: My character spawned inside the Trapper's Cabin, but the "New Location Discovered" did not appear until I left and reentered. Edit: I returned to test on a character that spawned by the lake, and both internal and external locations counted correctly. It might be that it is only an issue if you spawn inside the cabin when starting a new game.
  7. A minor inconsistency with journal entries that might be intentional. When visiting two locations with the same name after each other, only one of them will show up in the Journal Summary. The Locations will show correctly on screen when exploring, and also show correctly when counted in the Stats + Detailed Stats when discovering them. My assumption is that each location should show in Journal Summary, despite the same naming, in order to keep properly track. I tested this with "Lake Cabins" external areas in Mystery Lake in below screenshots. Later with "Cabin" in the same area too.
  8. Yes, I think I'll end up doing that. I'll just have to play more outside my mapping-mode (Pilgrim) to identify the nasty ones, so will take a while
  9. Aye, I was thinking not greying them out, but rather place a wolf+deer icon there. But might still just clutter it all up
  10. It gives me an idea to mark areas as "Deer & Wolf area" so that you'd know what to expect depending on your difficulty. I'll see if I can pull it off
  11. That might be most of the area if it's stalker, and almost none if it's pilgrim
  12. If you did it like this on the large maps too it will be near impossible for me to work out, but I'll see what I can do
  13. It's difficult for me to tell which parts you have changed. Is it the small part connected to the road? The road you broke up I tested that you could go each way over the ice, but it might have been changed of course.
  14. Thank you. I wasn't sure how they changed from difficulty levels. For now I'll leave deer & wolves out of the updated maps, pending whether I can add them in a smart way
  15. Thanks all for the tips and encouragement I have updated Mystery Lake, Coastal Highway & Ravine with climbing spots (that I know of) and Ravine Basin. Working on the others.