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  1. On Christmas day they should add nod Sprite cranberry for either limited time or forever. For example they could do Stacey's Cranberry Soda or something like that.
  2. VR00MER28


    I think it would be pretty cool if they add glowsticks. They'd only light up a small area but they would last for 3-4 hrs. It would just be a small thing to nake the game more realistic since most emergency boxes have glowsticks in them.
  3. I don't really like this idea because for me that would ruin the game, I actually like going slow and mapping everything put in my head. Plus its less realistic, but this could just be me. Thanks for sharing your idea!
  4. @Skap I totally agree with you it would make sence if there were other references of others being alive. @Mroz4k how does that make The Long Dark into a horror game. Even if they add something like that, I doesnt at all compare to the horror games these days. Honestly I think this game needs more things like this. After all its not like your player is the only person left.
  5. While searching the truck in the red barn, I learned you could open the fuel cap. I still haven't figured out what you can do with it. If someone could help me out here that would be awesome.
  6. I'm not sure if they already planed this but it would be cool if there was something like Wintermute but about some other survivor. They'd only be like one episode long, but it'd still tell a story. It could be some sort of DLC, and maybe if they die at the end of the story you could find their bodys in survival modes.
  7. Just a random question I thought of, does the aurora event happen everywhere or just Great Bear?
  8. I'm not to sure if this would have a negative effect on the game's goals, but I think it'd be cool if you could find accessories for the rifle. They could put in, larger ammo clips that could hold 15 cartridges instead of ten, or a scope. Then again this might end up making it feel too much like a first person shooter, or it could just not be a good idea.
  9. @Mroz4k I do like your idea that it doesn't need to be supply caches. Also like I said it would be impossble to actually see the NPCs, and its not like there is no other human life on Great Bear only very few people are alive on Great Bear.
  10. While you are exploring normal survival mode, what if you could find random notes that tell about supply caches in a certain area. This would however be tough with maps in normal survival mode. They could make it so it automatically shows a small area around the cache or they could just make a description of where it is in the note. I feel this could more give extra abjectives in survival mode. The notes could appear over time; and maybe even in places you have already been, to suggest others have been there (Obviously you still couldn't actually see the other survivors). Even if things are suppoulsed to get harder as the game goes on, I feel it wouldn't effect that too much. They could contain simple things like books, flares, food, drink, maybe emergency stims, ammo, or flare shells. They shouldn't be too common, but also not extremely rare. It should definitely be an option, and not be in interloper mode.
  11. Make more stronger and more prominent wolves, mooses, or bears, like they did with The Old Bear. They could make it so you can randomly find them in story mode, survival, and challeges. They should also be hard to find though.