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  1. Cbarre23

    Ice Box

    When I say ice box, I mostly mean existing freezers in the home already that we use as shelters. Pack them with snow. Or use the trunk of a car as an outside ice box. Refrigerators are insulated, so while the snow will still slowly melt it will also retain the cold from the snow. It won't freeze the food but should slow down decomposition thus reducing bacterial growth (not eliminate) and reducing risk of foodborne illness.
  2. Cbarre23


    The many cars lying around the maps seem like untapped potential to me. Everything from The seats to car batteries etc could be harvested as resources. Seat upholstery could be salvaged for cloth, car battery to recharge flashlight batteries etc. Just seems like a waste to have these all over the maps and passing these potential resources by.
  3. Cbarre23

    Ice Box

    Maybe the ability to pack freezers with snow to prolong food spoiling. Or maybe the ability to dig an outside freezer in the ground or something.
  4. You're hanging at base camp, too short on food for a long trek, out of matches to start a fire for one reason or another. You have plenty of dry guts lying around (cuz you know, who doesn't?!) Wouldn't it be nice to be able to start a friction fire with the many many sticks lying around, or perhaps better yet, take some of the mentioned dry guts and fashion a bow drill fire starter. Poof, suddenly an ember, then add tinder and all of a sudden you're warm. Probably not likely on a windy or snow day, but feasible on calm days and indoor fire pits.
  5. It would be nice if we could construct custom shelters as kne would probably do in the real world or at the very least repair and improve an existing structure you are using as a base camp.
  6. Cbarre23

    Snow shoes

    Maybe a snow shoe recipe using sticks and cloth. Sacrifice a little speed for reduction in calorie usage.
  7. Cbarre23

    Fire starter

    Maybe introduce a magnesium fire starter. Cut down on having to carry a ton of tinder and what not. Catch is, a knife or some kind of metal tool needs to be present in your inventory to use as a striker.
  8. Not a bad idea with introducing something new to the fishing mechanic, but how about a real world scenario, instead of making something like a new overnight line or something. Maybe take some of the sticks you find along the way and make a fish basket.
  9. Cbarre23

    Manual save

    I love this game. I'm currently playing version 1.05 on ps4 and its buggier than a swamp in autumn. Evey 5 to 10 minutes it crashes back to the ps4 dashboard when I try and go through a door. Because of this and having to back track repeatedly due to constant crashes I think a manual save is in order until this problem is resolved.
  10. Jumping is certainly out as no on is going to be able to jump with a 100lb pack in 3,feet of snow, but at the very least allow us to mantle over a 2 inch log
  11. New to the game and loving it, but can get very frustrating when you can't climb a 10cm step. Like others, I have had to back track and waste precious time, temp, and calories to get around a log or something that's mostly buried in snow and should be easily stepped over. Other than that I have zero complaints about the game.