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The more I Play This Game the more I wish There was more to craft. Does not matter if its stalker or pilgrim before day 20ish rolls around I've exhausted all the crafting options except bedroll and that even depends on the map I start on. And after you make a batch of arrow heads you really never have to make them again.

just recently I seen a suggestion for buildable beds which is a great idea, but that got me thinking about other things aswell.

- Gun racks - either ones like the ranger stations or a double one like trappers! being able to put one up at the Lighthouse or wherever you hang your hat would be nice!

- Wood/Coal/Plug crates - yes I know you can just dump them in a pile on the floor but being able to build and place a crate that you can access and add too for organizing would help. Sure every place you enter is in some kind of dis repair but why do we need to live like animals in our own ( borrowed ) home?

the next suggestion is not crafting its tweaking the placement of items.

being able to actually stand books up on there ends on a shelf. Since there weight is so great I personally never put them in a container but I never lay them out either. I find an out of the way spot and just drop "stack" them

or being able to stack things on one another like cans!

being able to move existing "objects" like Family pictures or dishes to make Way for Our own items and Equipment. Or at the same time being able to turn pictures around. I all ready feel Bad enough raiding a Family home and making it my own but having the Family state at me gives me the willies! While playing sandbox it gives You the unique experience of role playing or narrating your own story. And let me tell you the farmstead in pleasant valley has led me to avoid the top floor at times lol, those blocks and crib get me everytime.

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Oh the loneliness and boredom are slowly robbing my sanity! I need to find hemlock to brew a refreshing cup of hemlock tea to help me sleep, sleep, sleep, sinking into the long... dark... blackness...:/ Oh Morpheus, come and lend me your cold embrace! :insanity_fluffy:

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could do the same thing with a "live" trap. Have the rabbit in a snare hopping around.. Eventually draw in the wolves.

was also thinking an alternate way of using the un cut saplings that dot the maps.. Being able to attach snares to them aswell for snaring deer. Of course you still have to shoot them yourself. And get there before the wolves do. Or wait for the wolf to kill the deer and bag the wolf aswell :)

the sapling idea also adds another layer to resource management. Do you cut the saplings down for the arrows and bow? Or do you leave them for the meat and hide?

idk if that's a good idea or not but there it is!

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