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  1. I personally was quite excited to see this system being re worked, and then I played the game... for the most part everything is great except now paths that I used regularly are quite off limits due to receiving 2 at best, to 5 sprains in rather quick succession. One spot in particular being anywhere near the gun bunker is mystery lake. I mean if you leave down the "long" slope towards frozen creek your more or less ok, while leaving to the right (looking at the bunker) and heading towards the rock cairn your taking your life into your own hands, little lone if you continue down that hill to the burned out cabin ugh.. The left side ( looking at the bunker) and heading down that slope towards the pathway between the rocks has also been problematic. I walked up the pathway from the camp office towards lake overlook exactly 3 times, each time at least one sprain while walking uphill, running downhill however absolutely nothing ( which I find wierd lol). I take the double ropes up, then run down now lol... Before it's asked, Yes I was under weight. Carrying just starter items ( stalker ) I've tried at full energy and condition just after waking up. And I've tried over multiple save games.. I've also been playing it on the Xbox One since hitting the console and now playing it on the Xbox One X. Don't know if that helps. It seems to me like it is working as intended just over tweaked to the enth degree. It's quite frustrating doing something I've done for years now in game, just to no longer be able to do simple traveling without sever consequences.
  2. So this happened to me earlier today and at first I thought I had just missed a couple arrows I fired off at a deer. But when it happened again after only letting loose one arrow and bagged the buck I figured out how to replicate it.. What happened right as I exited the camp office on mystery lake I had noticed a buck, I fired off one arrow which hit and killed it. I got the prompt about frostbite and hypothermia so I immediately went back into the camp office. After a quick sleep I went to quarter up the buck.. and low and behold there was now 3 arrows at various degrees of condition. After some days had passes another buck came by, and again one shot one kill turned around and went right inside. Once it loaded I went right back outside and again 3 more arrows waited for me, this time a little off from the corpse but there none the less.. I've tried this now on all maps but muskag and mountains.. and it worked each and every time..
  3. So I've taken quite a few months off from playing this game ( roughily since last august-ish ) and with the story mode and new update just around the corner I wanted to jump back into it and shake the cobwebs loose.. I only play the game on either stalker or interloper first of all so I'm quite used to the "cards" being stacked against me, but I was absolutely gob smacked to find out that you can no longer throw the flares.. seriously! WTH! They are now NO better then torches, I've tried to work around this by using the brandishing mechanic.. but 30/30 attempts later and the wolves not giving a damn about me waving both the torch and flares around like a nimrod and sinking thier teeth into my flesh, I started getting rather flustered.. Nothing I do and I mean nothing (short of shooting em) stops the wolves anymore! Now is this intentional or is my game bugged beyond all hope? Lmao I'm still extremely in love with the game please don't get me wrong! I just really want to know if anyone else has issues with the heat seeking teeth missiles that end my run before it even starts.. Playing on xbox one, thanks in advance all!
  4. This idea has been suggested and requested since the game launched! But it's a GREAT idea non the less! In fact this suggestion has been around since snow shoes and skis where suggested. And according to the road map they are inbound! So fingers crossed! The whole idea of the wolves, bears and the upcoming mountain cats digging it up could also add some much needed new dynamics to the game, I can see fights between scavengers breaking out around the ice box.
  5. well I have bad news all around. I did as you suggested and still empty. Even on a new game. the reason its taken me a bit to respond is, I bought TLD for my daughter on her Xbox one and the download finished shortly after I posted this.. And on a fresh install the same thing is happening aswell on all difficulties. on a good note tho I have not mysteriously lost a save file
  6. Hey guys! Before I make a complete ninny out of my self, Is the trappers cabin supposed to be completely void of any items/equipment/wood and even the backpack? the first time this happened was on stalker so I figured, ok cool they made starting off a real huge challenge now. then Today I was playing around on voyageur and ran into the same thing.. Empty now I've tried it roughly 10 times now on each difficulty and the only thing I've actually found in there was from the safe: 2 insulated boots, 1 flare gun round and 4 flares.( this is no surprise to me tho I've always had bad luck) this cant possibly be correct can it? Nothing but safe items..
  7. I'm apart of the preview program on Xbox one so my console updates sometimes twice a week. When I get home ill try to find the exact version build. And Yes I'm always connected to the net, but now that you mentioned this when my system was offline I cant remember having this issue. This has also just made me remember somthing else. Now this might be relevant. sometimes when being chased by a wolf ill try running back into the building I was in or the closest one near me.. But when doing the transition from outside to inside the wolf can still briefly attack while the screen is black, and during the save icon I hear my character taking the damage. When this happens that save file has always screwed up sooner then later. Maybe a coincidence but its worth mentioning at this point. I'm always playing on stalker, 8 out of 10 times im playing as female and start on mystery lake and usually lose the file between days 1 to 20 If I avoid Camp office and Carters ( inside ) I can always get more play time out of the save file.
  8. trust me when I say this.. I'm also VERY careful to the point where I actually set a timer and everything after a save ( the timer has been recently do to testing areas ) But i won't even Xbox button outta the game.. I use the in game quit option.. I've lost saves from 1 day to 200 days.. With varying degrees of "success" i.e. full crafted clothing, 40+ ammo 20+ arrows etc etc.. The main difference I can see is, I myself only play on stalker. on a side note, I also never have had a app running in the background ( intentionally ) nor do I switch to other apps making the game go into a "sleep" state... just plain ol' bad luck perhaps.. and it never really sucks to lose it all.. The one thing in this game is eventually you will die! The saves corrupting just make it quicker sometimes lol.. To me I treat it like a random ailment or negative condition.. Like my guy or gal had a stroke in thier sleep.. Or just lost the will to live! look to the bright side and all that.. Sure I just lost another file, the upside is I get to play it all over again
  9. No apologies necessary! As for alphas go your guys game is amazingly put together! If saves is the worst thing that can happen *knocks on wood* you guys are way ahead of the game so to speak! When the save kinks are ironed out Ill get to test out some more of my elaborate plans for a long and hopefully not to cold life lol I'd be more then willing to help out in any way possible. And hopefully I may be able to help!
  10. Sorry for the long delay with my reply, I have just lost more saves as recently as yesterday. And this time it was on a brand spanking new Xbox one with a fresh download of the game. I kept pressing on starting on different maps and heres a list of the ones I've lost saves on. Not saying it cant happen on the ones not mentioned, its just yet to happen to me. MYSTERY LAKE camp offices: On entry save and sleep save Trappers: On sleep save Carters (fluffy floor): On entry save PLEASANT VALLEY Farmstead: On entry save and sleep save TIMBER WOLF mountaineers hut: On sleep save after I enter a location I set my timer to 5 minutes ( figuring that's enough time ) do some random things like pack sorting or cooking then quit when the timer goes off.. On reloading the saves have corrupted. I've also tried it on entry just being idle then quitting to the same effect. with sleeping saves I do the same things with same results. Now this is not an every time thing, but one thing is for certain if I want to keep playing I need to stay away from those locations at all costs. with the game crashes to dashboard problem.. If that occurs going into one of the above locations it 90% of the time ends up in a corrupt save. I really hope that this has helped you guys out in some way, but by no means please don't let this take away from my original post. I didnt quite touch on what I ment about feeling like I was apart of the development, yet there it is. Even if it has been just finding bugs etc. Thanks again guys
  11. I never thought I could/would get to "feel" like I've been apart of a games development. Sure I've played my share of closed alphas/betas but in the end 90% of the peoples voices where never heard. And then came along The long dark. I've played this game avidly since it came to Xbox one and it quickly jumped to my top 3 go to games. Even in the Xbox versions current state with saves disappearing/corrupting I'm still sitting here or standing ( thanks for the scares wolves lol ) enjoying myself and furthering my "survival skills" and techniques. I've been waiting and I'm sure other Xbox users have been aswell for some kinda info on an update.. And presently I just went over the news, roadmap and that amazing sneak peak trailer and I'm in awe! The future of this game is looking amazing and I personally can not wait to start playing. ( and continually play on a save lol ) The level of detail you guys are adding was NOT expected at all but it really shows off how this game is not only cared for but how much dedication is being poured into story mode. The road map had some twists of its own with the sandbox additions and will more then build up the anticipation of story mode I'm not exactly sure if this was the proper place to post this. But Thank you guys for this top notch game and the info that was desperately needed!
  12. ok. Now your arguing for arguments sake. Your pulling bits and pieces of what I have wrote and placing them where you need them to be. we can take this into private msging all you want. I don't think you quite read what I wrote.. what I will say is the sticks pointing north sure.. I guess its exploitable.. But for that to happen you would still need to know where your heading.. And for that you would need to know your surroundings. This game has never been about easy. And to clarify I never said use the sticks to find north. I said use them to mark your trails. Drop em like bread crumbs if your still learning the maps.. I really just don't see a place in this game for a compass IMO ( ill say it again so I'm not misunderstood ) the geomagnetic storm was bad enough to even make the wolves and bears act differently ( that's fact ) so I feel as if it would seriously screw with a compass aswell.. everything that I've pointed out is just what either the devs have writen ( in the opening disclaimer of the game about the animals ) or from what we know so far story wise ( opening words for sandbox and maybe the trailers?) the compass is just my opinion and that opinion is shared by multiple other players as is yours. So cant we just be friends? Or atleast remain friendly in the posts.
  13. it would be game breaking. We might not know to much of the story so far but what we do know is we got smacked by a geo magnetic storm. So bye bye to the normal north pointing magnetic pull that a compass depends on.. not once did I say anything against an actual map.. I simply stated please don't make it or implement the typical hand holding type. and as for the stick placements.. Agreed they point the same way but an exploit? How so. and next.. I was not trying to attack you nor rip you apart. I'm simply going off what information the game devs already provided us with. The sledge hammer comment was self explanatory.. Most games either poke small pin holes in thier story one way or another and not even notice. But if they did in fact provide that compass as of right now with what we do know it would be a massive hole in thier own storytelling.. And again ill repeat myself one more time... With what we know right now! We where hit with a global geo magnetic storm! Our plane crashed do to it..
  14. Survival isn't fast paced nor can we just look at somthing and magically know its condition so here what I'm suggesting. maybe at the very least on stalker mode take away the items condition % and add in a item view/inspection This way its not just right in your face but you really need to check out your gear before leaving on your next adventure.. take the knife for instance you can rotate the knife a full 360 and check out the blade.. You clearly can see that the blade is flat or dinged slightly ( 30 - 40 % ).. You then take out your whetstone sharpen it up and inspect it again.. The blade has more of an edge and those dings have been filled off ( 70 - 90 % ) those % are just thrown out there atm to show what I mean obviously the system would need to be refined. But this system can be applied to everything including clothing and food. seeing a rip or tear in your coat is self explanatory on a can of food look for the expiry date. Now I know there is not a in game calendar but if we where made aware of the exact day we crashed that would also be fixed aswell. Take the date we crashed + days survived and that would = how close/passed the cans expiry date. In my opinion just doing somthing as simple as this would jack up the difficulty yet again without having to introduce new weather effects/animals and would not just add an artificial way of wasting our precious in game time like fast forwarding through time while cooking, and it would really force people to be more aware of what they do have and what's needed. ( of course it would be a programing/art nightmare ) I also think it would also make our time more valuable, time prepping v.s time exploring v.s time survived. And it could also possibly take away from some of the monotony of a 200 day run by padding the time spent doing nothing with somthing that still impacts our gaming experience. thanks for reading!
  15. Rooks_Nemesis

    Cut the meat

    well currently you can like previously stated "cut" the meat by canceling what your doing.. and the meat decoys are already severely broken as is.. You eat 95% of that deer steak.. You then use the last 5% as a decoy.. When you drop the meat it still shows/acts like it was at 100%.