POV Height Outdoors is low?


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Noticed that when inside, the height of my P.O.V. (Point of View) looks correct near counters, furniture, etc. However, when walking through cat tails which should be waist high, they are at eye height. I realized that when I'm walking outdoors it feels like I'm scrunched down. I kept hitting the crouch button thinking I was crouching when I wasn't.

Is anyone else noticing this?

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While some players have reported before that they feel low to the ground, in terms of cattails, they can grow up 10 feet (3 meters) in height. :)

With that in mind, perhaps the camera height might feel a bit different for you?

That's not 10' tall above the ice -- otherwise the height comparison would the main floor of the camp office to be 20 to 30 feet high.

When viewing interiors, our height seems appropriate when looking at the workbenches, beds, dressers, shelves, counters (etc.) for average height -- although IRL for myself my eye level would be just below the top shelf of cupboards and above fridge tops.

Apart from the train bridges [where the sides do make things appear unusually low], most of the heights are reasonable depending how you would normally travel across that type of snow terrain.

As a tall person, most of the time my game horizon is at the bottom 1/3 of the screen. Many users travel with the horizon at either mid-screen or the top 1/3 of the screen.

While it may not be a fully scientific approach to the height, it may be interesting to look at how players align the distant horizon when walking in The Long Dark.



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Hey Bill, yes, I think you're on to something with regard to what kinds of habits players have when aligning the first-person camera. I played around with it a bit and yes, it can change how you perceive the environment a fair amount.

In terms of the cattails, I was just making the observation that they usually have looked about "person-sized" or bigger to me when I've encountered them in streams and marshy areas around WA state. With some length of the plant hidden under the ice, it's never felt odd to me that the very top of the cattail is where it is. But that's just how my own imagination works interpreting the game world. It might be different for other folks. :)


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The perspective of screen position is something I can look at tonight. I do seem to be putting in an awful lot of time on this game recently. :)

I was in the dam over the weekend and when looking at a doorway in the lower level, I was looking just above the half way point of the mull post when looking straight out. I'll see if I can put a video together to highlight my point better.


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