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  1. - No on-screen display until bad things are happening: If cold, I only get an on screen display when borderline hypothermic. If thirsty, I don't see an alert until the meter is empty. When tired, the "eye" does not appear until my carry capacity is cut back. It's my body. I know the state of it at all times in real life. When hiking and the wind picks up I know it's getting colder. Putting that stuff on the screen at all times keeps me in the picture. I know some don't want that. Fine, make it a graphics option to turn on or off, but I want to know I'm starting to get into trouble BEFORE I hea
  2. shadragon


    I'm in the railroad maintenance shed after repairing the rifle and I'm almost done with this game. Flares, torches, flare gun do nothing. I was patching myself up from a wolf attack (after picking up the flare I was holding previously) and another wolf jumps me. Fought him off, flare died, lit another flare, up comes wolf number three. I sidestep and back away only to be jumped again from the side by another, dead. Reloaded the save and once again multiple attacks. Attack, gloves gone, attack, trousers gone, attack, balaclava gone, attack. Excuse me sir, but you have hypothermia as you'
  3. shadragon


    PS. I'm not saying I take no damage in the above scenarios. I'm just saying if a wolf comes at me, he's going to take a lot more damage then I do. Cheers
  4. shadragon


    Easy request. Give me viable tools to drive wolves off, avoid them, or kill them - OR - let me turn them off in settings. Garbage can lid with stick to make noise (and use as shield), turn broom handle into spear, firecrackers, turn bed post into club, piece of glass from mirror as a spear tip, baseball bat with nails in the end, Molotov cocktail, tape a phone book around my forearm so they can bite me without damage as I drive a lit road flare into their eye. If there is a threat like that in real life, you'll invent a better defense than a piece of jagged metal as a dagger in short order. A
  5. The good thing it the 10 minute fire in the old ladies house never goes out at the moment. Suspect that's a bug, but I'm taking advantage of it.
  6. Starting over? Small price to pay I suppose. Took me a while to get out of the crevice at game start, so I could do it much faster next time. If I could do it without encountering those wolves again, I would in a second. I keep passing all sorts of things that could be fashioned into a wolf weapon, but no joy. In my case, the flare was lit prior to my entering the door. I have no idea if that is relevant or not.
  7. Just came here to say the same thing. I had a flare lit when I entered, if that matters. No cut scene, no interaction and if I do anything in the house I get a "Grey Mother likes you less -5" I can use the fire so not a total loss, but can't advance the story.
  8. If wolves were that aggressive then yes I would have a phone book (or leather gauntlet, or a flannel shirt wrapped around it) on my arm and would live with the weighty consequences. There's other more aggressive things I could do as well to kill off the wolves, but the animal rights folks wouldn't like it.
  9. It's true! The ladies do like a bad boy.
  10. The game accepts this even though it says not to do it.
  11. Solid points. However, with you being in a plane when the geomagnetic storm hits, the tragic events are fairly recent. Gas should remain reasonably fresh and last for months. Good fire starter, if nothing else. Bottle + cloth + gasoline = Molotov cocktail to scare off wolves / bears or just light one to illuminate your path as a makeshift lantern? I've had a jerrycan of gas in my unheated New Brunswick garage for a year and I was still able to use it to run the lawnmower after a harsh winter. The inner tube thing - it's a game, they can put tubes in the tires. A slingshot would be gr
  12. I think I saw a suggestion for a series of sliders for a player to modify their game experience. Wildlife spawn frequency could easily become one of them. Environmental factors such as frequency/duration of storms, bitterly cold temperatures, stick/limb/coal spawn frequency, wolf / bear aggressiveness, etc. would all work with variable values. That said, they should not be allowed to be changed once set (say at character generation). Or not allow changes to take effect for 24h or something like that. Did I miss anything?
  13. List of ideas for looting encountered vehicles. - rubber hose to siphon gasoline into a container. The gas cap flaps open already, so this is logical. - seat \ roof material = cloth - engine compartment = wire for fishing / snares - trunk lid + mountaineering rope or wire = sled. Used for towing bulk materials. Especially useful when changing home base. Wouldn't work going over the ravine tree or shattered rail bridge. Everything would need to be hand carried from one side to the other in those circumstances. Sleds cannot be brought indoors and would reduce walking speed
  14. Hi Raphael, Thanks for taking the time to respond. The mechanic surrounding the encounter itself is fine. The vocalization beforehand, etc. I know he's coming and have no issues with that at all. It works well. I have a road flare in my hand now all the time because torches, in the open and wind, are too unreliable. Have not tested the effectiveness of the flare yet as I've been lucky in avoiding them since. At the time I had a torch, but was on an ice sheet in high wind and didn't bother trying to light it. I survived both attacks, but the second left me in very bad condition. My c