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Hi just a quick question,

I looked but couldn't find any information about it on the forum. I'm just curious, I was one of the early bird backers on kickstarter and then pledged extra to be bumped up to the $25 tier for the exclusive locket. I'm just curious now if the $25 tier for the kickstarter backers will be the same as the Survivor's Edition on the website. In other words would we get the extra cd-key and the digital artbook as well?

I'm super excited about the 22nd being so close!

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I actually sort of had a question around the same lines...If we were in the tier where we receive a copy to gift, is that gift supposed to just be the full game once it's released, or should it have come today for access to the sandbox? I got the link to one of my Humble keys, and it lists the gift in the key description, but then Humble notes that "Steam does not provide giftable copies of games you already own". How and when are we actually supposed to get this extra gift key? Congratulations on your launch day!

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