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  1. Hi all -- Saw these posts and couldn't help but think of The Long Dark's take on a modern-day apocalypse. Absolutely a tragic event, but very interesting to see a city completely abandoned and slowly reclaimed by nature as recently as this. As a point of reference, the Fukushima incident happened in March of 2011. The Fukushima Exclusion Zone Man Sneakes Into Fukushima's Red Exclusion Zone
  2. Well, now that everyone's had a bit of a chance to explore the new map, I figured I'd resurrect this thread and share some screenshots I captured over the weekend. Hope you guys enjoy! Reddit post: ... reenshots/
  3. Thanks very much! I don't mind at all, but here's the updated version I cut a couple of days ago. I think I'll probably just replace the link up top with this one! Thanks again for the kind words
  4. No, the wolf did nothing. I'm sorry, I thought the video would make that clear - I walked right up to him, and almost past him, and he didn't react at all. I was just saying the only thing I might have done that might have caused an issue was not throwing the flare far enough to startle him. Other than that, everything else seemed normal. It could very well have just been a fluke. *And I just re-watched the video and it was extremely dark in the end, so I'm sure it made absolutely nothing clear at all. Sorry about that.
  5. This happened to me in the dam a couple of days ago. I am on PC, and it has never happened before (I just happened to be recording at the time). I have not been back to the dam since. The only unusual thing that I can think of that may have caused it is the fact that I chucked a flare, but didn't throw it far enough. I was initially walking down the hall to retrieve the flare and decided to continue when Fluffy didn't seem to react to my presence. I'm sorry, but I don't have video of the throw...However, the video starts probably a step or two away from where the flare landed. Hope that helps. Could be a one-time thing, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
  6. Thanks very much! Very kind of you. Wasn't planning on doing this while I was recording, so I'd love to go back in and get some nice stuff for the ending. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up soon
  7. While I was waiting for some homework to render, I decided to cut together some footage I recorded in-game. I had originally planned to do some high speed timelapse videos, but I couldn't get my camera to lock into one position, so I sort of had to do something completely different. No big deal. I'm going to work on it a bit more, do some FOV stuff in one of the first clips and remove all of the HUD information in the next week or so. Just thought I'd go ahead and share my first cut and see if I could get some feedback from you guys! I'll likely end up switching or mixing up the last two clips, but I'll have to shoot more footage to do that, so there's no telling what will actually end up being in the final edit. Would love some constructive criticism! And as a side-note: I wanted to use music from the game, but didn't have access to the high quality "real deal", so I used a song called "Grass" by Silent Partner. You can find it free in the Google and YouTube music libraries. Here's the video, hope you enjoy! (updated to a newer cut)
  8. Here's a link to my Google drive with some screenshots I took of the new region. I'm hoping to get in soon and take a few more with some different lighting! I think there are around 70 in this album, so I haven't had time to run through and resize them all... ... sp=sharing
  9. Just so this is out there - even though I'm a bit late to this discussion, I've been working on the subreddit and posting about it in other forums and around my school. As a result of that (and the efforts of others), we've gone from about 120 subscribers to about 350 in just over a week. Word is spreading and hopefully the community continues to grow
  10. Hey guys, this just appeared in TLD's subreddit, and I thought I'd post it here in hopes someone could hop over there and give him a hand, or direct him somewhere else if this is an existing issue that's already been covered. Here is the issue: Everytime I quit the game inside a building and then load up the game later I cant leave the building it just crashes the game. Just wondering if its just me? Also maybe just me also but the game doesn't let me use the female character not that much of an issue I play the dude mostly anyway its just the option is there and it wont let me use it which is somewhat frustrating And a direct link to the post: ... e_crashes/ I let him know about the forums here, but I figured it might be good to reply to that Reddit post to help build the community...It'd also be useful in case anyone else runs into the same issue and comes across that post. Hope it's okay to post all of this here!
  11. I actually sort of had a question around the same lines...If we were in the tier where we receive a copy to gift, is that gift supposed to just be the full game once it's released, or should it have come today for access to the sandbox? I got the link to one of my Humble keys, and it lists the gift in the key description, but then Humble notes that "Steam does not provide giftable copies of games you already own". How and when are we actually supposed to get this extra gift key? Congratulations on your launch day!
  12. I've become quite fond of using Rainmeter in place of my "normal" desktop, and I've been tinkering a bit with some Long Dark setups...Thought I'd share and see if there was any interest in this idea. So far, I've only done one day and one night setup with minimalist icons and readers. I'm hoping to get a chance to play with it a bit more over break in a week or so and really do some customized setups with some screenshots I've taken. If anyone is interested in these, I'd be happy to post links to the skins I'm using, as well as the screenshots I've taken to use as my desktop backgrounds. For now, here are the two I threw together this week. They're simplistic and somewhat similar, but I'm hoping to come up with something really nice when I really have a couple of hours to commit: And here's the image I'm hoping to work with next: Hope you guys like these and are enjoying the game as much as I am! Edited to include the desktop I'm sticking with for a while. I'm finding that less is more.
  13. I didn't know where else to stick this, so I'm throwing it here... I've been insanely busy with school and trying to get a portfolio together, so I've missed the last two changelogs/updates. Popped in to play for a bit a couple of nights ago and landed right by the dam. Sweet, right? Supplies and a gun. Walked in thinking I was set for life, was digging through the first room with lockers, and heard a noise behind me. As soon as I turned around, two wolves were eating my face. There are wolves in the dam now?! Thanks for the heart attack!! Other than that, I'm sure it's fairly obvious that I've enjoyed my experience so far...Though the more I play of the sandbox, the more curious I am to see what the story will be like. The changes that have been made so far have been great; basically everything that I wished would happen has happened, and it's refreshing to see developers respond so positively and promptly to suggestions from their community. I'm really quite fond of the lighting and sound. The interiors are especially nice in terms of lighting, and the sound is the biggest part of what makes the game so immersive for me. That's what I think so far! Can't wait to see that Steam page pop up!